Under Construction

Let’s talk about cutout tops like these. Aren’t they an absolute dream? I love the very sexy and uniquely placed splicing and thought my title perfectly complemented their finished-yet-unfinished look. I don’t know why but this top inspires me to keep my body toned and fit- as if it only makes you look good if you put an effort before you actually wear it. (Does that make sense at all?) So while my top is seemingly under construction, it asks my body to do the same! Okay- that’s quite a weird way to explain it, but it totally makes sense in my head! Anyway, I opted to pair this sexy piece with a longer pencil skirt to balance it out and kept my heels at a low day height as well. What do you think?

Living Royal top, The Fab Shop earrings, WAGW skirt, Tommy Hilfiger watch from Meridian Timepieces, Chestbox heels, Celine bag

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60 Responses to Under Construction

  1. Jo-An says:

    Sooo Sexy♥
    I love the whole look, I love to own a cutout top soon!

  2. Marta says:

    Beautiful colors mix! Love the hairstyle!

    kisses from Bulgaria


  3. Pao says:

    Gorg! :)

    Is the skirt available in shopwagw.com already?

  4. Marie Berjamin says:

    OMG! The sexy top! I’ve seen Sandara Park wearing it on their new music video called “Falling in Love” by 2NE1! You’ve got to see it! Simply adorable in all white ensemble. :)

  5. Cielo says:

    You don’t have to work on your body. It’s perfect na :))


  6. Mandy says:

    Oh wow! That top looks great on you!!

    xx Mandy

  7. Hazel Joy Jimenez says:

    wow.. love everything from this look!!!! the top is so interesting.. and the cut of the skirt is really flattering!!

  8. Jennette co says:

    this is gorgeous! <3 btw, can i ask who do your hairstyle? i mean which parlor? :)))

    • Kryz says:

      I got a digital perm a few months ago at Tony and Jackey salon, but for this look and other days, I just do it myself haha :) Thanks Jeanette!

  9. ollyvia laura says:

    anyway would you like to follow each other on bloglovin’?

  10. Jean says:

    Love the whole outfit!!! <3 and your hair! :)

    Where did you get your hair permed? :)

  11. Jerome says:

    What do I think? I would LOVE to date a girl in this outfit! (I know you’re taken)
    No, I loved your title here, as soon as I saw your top. I perfecty understand!

  12. Zarah says:

    Hi Achi Kryz! I know this may sound so cliche but I don’t know how to say it in other ways, your pretty and awesome. Whenever I see your post I always tell myself “I want to be like her someday” but then again I’m always reminded with your words that we just need to be ourselves, so I decided na I’ll just make you my inspirations not just in fashion but also in health because I’m getting bigger and I need to seriously slim down. Any tips to slim down? I can’t do pecsetarian cause I’m allergic to seafoods :( may I know your vital size? so that I’ll have a goal size thank you!! I love you!!!! Super love your blog!!! Such an inspiration!!! Sorry for the long comment 😛

  13. Kristine says:

    I loooove this look! instagram, cheapest accessories in town! :)

  14. sherlyne alcantara says:

    i love your watch.its very elegant.may i know how much is that and where i can buy the same pieces like yours?

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