Under Construction

Let’s talk about cutout tops like these. Aren’t they an absolute dream? I love the very sexy and uniquely placed splicing and thought my title perfectly complemented their finished-yet-unfinished look. I don’t know why but this top inspires me to keep my body toned and fit- as if it only makes you look good if you put an effort before you actually wear it. (Does that make sense at all?) So while my top is seemingly under construction, it asks my body to do the same! Okay- that’s quite a weird way to explain it, but it totally makes sense in my head! Anyway, I opted to pair this sexy piece with a longer pencil skirt to balance it out and kept my heels at a low day height as well. What do you think?

Living Royal top, The Fab Shop earrings, WAGW skirt, Tommy Hilfiger watch from Meridian Timepieces, ChestboxΒ heels, Celine bag

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