Unforgettable Moments with Pandora

The secret is out! Pandoooora! I’m sooo happy to be able to collaborate with this brand because I’ve been a fan of it for so long! My mom gave my sisters and I Pandora bracelets that we could fill with charms everytime we reached a milestone or experienced a new adventure. It’s because of this that I hold my Pandora bracelet so close to heart! Can you imagine how excited I was when the brand called me and asked me to document my unforgettable moments with them? #IDied.

Lissa, Cams and I headed over to the Pandora store at Bonifacio High Street right before we went on our mini getaway (which would explain my un-matching choice of outfit lol). We went crazy over the many hundred charms available! It was so hard to choose because a lot of them really fit our personalities!

For charm bracelets, you can choose from a single or double leather strap, sterling silver or 14k gold metal bracelet. Since I already have the silver one from my mom, and the gold one is waaaaay beyond my budget (120k for just the plain strand!!!) I opted to go with a double leather strap instead!

What’s nice about their store display is that they have a lot of ready made bracelets that you can just buy as a set if you’re planning to give it as a gift- especially if you don’t have the time to make one yourself! They’re all really beautifully matched too!

Voila! This is my creation! Since my old Pandora bracelet already had charms that signified experiences in my life, I decided to make my new bracelet a symbol of my style instead! This one is very young, classy and modern all at the same time. Plus, there’s a little chick charm (my nickname is sisiw, Filipino for chick) to add a hint of quirkiness and character to it! So me, right?

Thanks a bunch to Pandora for giving us this awesome opportunity to immortalize our most unforgettable moments! Can’t wait to fill my bracelet with more charms as life goes on!