United we stand

Last June 2, I participated in the third installment of the popular Bloggers United Bazaar. To those who don’t know what this is, it’s when a bunch of bloggers from the Philippines get together and sell their preloved clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to raise funds for a chosen charity (Operation Smile). It’s a really big event because hundreds of people go to meet their favorite style icons and shop like crazy, so missing it isn’t even an option. Here’s what I decided to wear:

I got this beautiful summery dress from Motel Rocks a few days ago, and thought the print was perfect for the event. It was summery, unique, flattering and I could style it in a way that would make it appropriate for day (worn with my white vest) and easily transformable for night.

For accessories, I went with edgy black and silver to add dimension to my bright look, including my new fave Phosphor watch and Alexander McQueen hobo. This huge gorgeous ring was actually given to me by my Bloggers United booth mate, Patricia Prieto!

My feet usually die after every successful bloggers united event, so this time, I opted to wear one of my comfiest wedges from Feet For A Queen. Needless to say, at around 4 PM, after 8 hours of standing non-stop, my feet still gave up on me. I was sitting down for the longest time after that cause I just couldn’t handle it anymore! Ouch!

What do you think about my look?

Motel Rocks dress, Romwe vest, Feet For A Queen wedges, Glam Fashion necklace, Phosphor watch, House of Luxe leather cuffs, WAGW spike bracelet (old), Goody pony pouf

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Thank you Anton Aguila for taking these photos of me on the balcony, even if I looked super haggard. I had huge eye bags that day because I finished packing up all my clothes at midnight, and I had to leave the house at 2 AM for my early flight to Manila! After that, I went straight to the venue to fix up my booth! Thats what you call dedication! I was brain dead by 5PM, and after selling almost all of my stuff, I decided to call it a day. (So sorry for leaving early!!!)

Here’s the view from the entrance. The place was packed!

I was so surprised to see life sized standees of the Canon IXUS brand ambassadors! That’s me in red!

We also had a mini segment on stage where each ambassador picked a favorite best dressed customer to win their very own Canon digital IXUS 115! Our best dressed picks had to strut down the stage and win the audience’s applause. The audience in turn cheered for their favorite blogger-best dressed combo, and the team with the most applause won! Can you guess who got the prize?

That’s right! Me and my cutie patootie winner, Mark! I love how playful his look was! <3

Thanks to everyone who came, bought, took photos and participated in Bloggers United! I had such an amazing time (as always) and I met soooooo many sweet readers who’ve just inspired me to keep blogging and keep inspiring. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to get to do what I love doing and get to meet awesome people and do awesome things on the way. Another one for the books! Cheers #BU3!