Vatican City

Out of all the iconic and beautiful sites in Rome, The Vatican is probably the most important spot to visit. We wanted to hear mass there on Sunday, but we also knew that meant battle with the tourists. So instead, we booked a tourΒ which let us skip the line to the museum. It cost about 64 euros each- but it was well worth it. Especially after we saw the intense snake like line that went around the Vatican before it even went in! We started our tour at 9:45AM and it lasted for 3 hours. Our tour guide was really funny and kind. The type that makes an old historic place seem modern and relatable. I forgot her name, but she was the lady with blonde really curly hair. I highly recommend her (though I don’t think you can choose who you get!)

We always see photos of of sites like these, but its always so different when you’re actually staring at it in person. I mean- to be surrounded floor to ceiling with incredible masterpieces is just beyond me. The intricacy is crazy!!! Can you imagine your room looking like this? How long do you think it would take the carpenters to finish? 🙈 How long would it take to clean???

Β One of the things I learned from our tour guide was about the tapestries (huge carpets) with biblical references on them. I used to wonder why they hung them up on the walls and why they looked so old and dusty. Apparently, they used to be gold- but age and wear and tear turned them brown- not dust! And they’re hung up on the wall because they were supposed to keep the cold out when mass was held! Amazing!

We also made it to St Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel (no photos allowed!), but the walk was pretty intense and intensely hot. We also got to see the changing of the guards, which was pretty cool. Though I wonder why they never thought of updating their uniforms. Seems quite funny to see them chase after bad guys dressed like this. 😅


After the tour, we decided to head back to our hotel and rest up for the afternoon because we were all watching the U2 concert that night. We were all big fans, and we wanted to have all the energy in the world to sing our lungs out. More on that in my next post!