Vintage Dreams

Odd and Dot dress worn as top, Topshop skirt, Trunkshow collar, Candie’s Belt, Love Eye Candy Bag, SM Accessories bangles and bracelet, Michael Antonio heels, Prada sunnies

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I got this vintage dress from two Indonesian girls in Singapore, and I was set to wear it right after it came back from the wash. (The OC-ness in me always launders clothes before wearing them, and never mixes “dirty” new clothes with clean old ones.) That morning, as I was rushing to work, I realized that the dress was a few sizes too big, and it looked really bad on me! What was I to do, when there was nothing else to wear, and I had to leave in a jiffy for an important meeting? Well, seeing as there’s no such thing as being fashionably late (I am and will always be an early bird at heart), I stuffed this midi length dress into cycling shorts, and wore it under my white bubble skirt to hide the fluff. What do you know, it works! To keep in tune with my vintage vibe, I wore this pearlized PeterPan collar and gem bangles, then modernized the whole look with a yellow clutch and wedges. Instant alteration for when style can’t wait!

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