Viva Pit Senyor!

Clothes Off romper, Binky Pitogo hat, B. Deigan Eyewear, Goody ouchless elastic

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Tips for surviving the wild Sinulog street party at my beloved home town:

1. Wear breathable/disposable clothes. This cotton romper was perfect! The prints screamed Sinulog while the fit and feel were unbelievable comfortable! I was torn on whether or not to risk wearing this since I didn’t want to dispose it, but it was just too perfect, I had to! Why disposable? You’ll see in a while.

2. Bring sunnies as your only accessory- to avoid getting direct sunlight (and BEER) into your eyes. People will be pouring everything on everyone, so it’s best to come prepared.

3. Ziplock your cellphone or put it in a waterproof case, lest you want it to turn yellow with hints of bright poster paint.

4. Bring small bills- and find a nice safe place to store it. With a crowd this huge, you’re bound to lose something!

5. Tie your hair to bear the heat wave. It will save your life!

So this was me, pre-sinulog. All nice and clean.

I arrived Baseline to find a crowd this insane. This isn’t even half of it- more like 1/16th!

5 minutes in… this happened! Thats me holding my waterproof case (or sosyal na ziplock!)

And believe me when I say I was one of the cleanest ones there!

Sarah Meier on the DJ booth feeling up my iPhone case!

Sinulog 2012 was epic, and the crowd gets bigger every year! Can’t wait for the next one! Cebuanos really know how its done!