Wake Up (and win P100,000!)

Are you a morning person or a snoozer? I used to the the former, until I grew up and had too many things on my plate and too little hours of the night to sleep in. If I had a choice though, I’d definitely wake up bright and early to make the most of my day! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishing so much with the whole day still ahead of you- ready for your wonders! Since that’s quite difficult for me to do at this point in my life, I rely heavily on Coffee (strong steady doses only, as proven by my instagram feed) or my sister’s (annoying) perkiness to wake me up. How about you? What gets you up the morning?

A funky morning stretch? Loud alarm clock music? A splash of ice cold water? Share your personal technique and get a chance to win Php 100,000! SAY WHAT?!?! Every week, you get to win P10,000 and at the final week, it gets to P100,000! I’m totally serious! Sammy Snooze told me so! Who is he you ask?

Sammy snooze is the sleepiest man in the Philippines and he needs our help to wake him up! From Sept 29 to Oct 26, he will be posting wake up challenges on his facebook page asking people to use the NESCAFÉ Wake Up App to help him… well, wake up! There’s a different challenge every week, and this week’s challenge is here! Download the NESCAFÉ Wake Up App for FREE on the Google Play store or App Store and record wacky and exciting video alarms to send to your friends. Use the same one for Sammy! The most creative ones get a chance to win P100,000! To join, all you need to do is:

  • Add Sammy Snooze as a friend on Facebook
  • Download the NESCAFÉ Wake Up App
  • Record your Creative Wake Up Video
  • Send your amazing alarm recording to Sammy using the NESCAFE Wake Up App

Sometime soon, Sammy will be sleeping LIVE (lol) in an event in the mall, and participants will be challenged to wake him up to make it in time for a major event in his life! This sounds super fun, and I’m sure a lot of kooky people will come up with funny ways to open his eyes!!!

For more updates follow NESCAFÉ and Sammy Snooze on Facebook. #WakeUpSammy

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