Walking on Hearts

Another look with jeans and I’m already giving myself high fives! I was never a pants kind of person. I blame it on my petite frame and wanting to look taller with the illusion of the long leg at all times. Before the return of the skinny jean, I was always dwarfed by the flare and oversized variety, that I completely turned away from jeans the moment high school was over. Then the skinny leg went back in style, and all I could think of was constricting my legs too much that they wouldn’t be able to breathe (plus the heat in my university campus was always unbearable, so short hems were a must for survival!) I only ever wore jeans when the dress code called for it, and even then, I’d try to get away with it by wearing something maxi instead. But now, there are all these cute prints on pants that I can’t shy away from! Floral, stripe, aztech, tropical-you name it, I probably have it! Because of these new styles, (and much to my parents approval) I was able to get rid of my ridiculous jean-trauma, and incorporate the piece into my wardrobe again.

This time, I played with hints of masculine feminine dressing once again. I wore an oversized boyfriend’s blazer over a plain white v neck tee, rolled up the sleeves and went with simple fuss free accessories. Then I added a pair of girly floral pants and salmon peep toes for the ultimate girly girl to incorporate a bit of paradox to my look.

What do you think?

Iwearsin blazer (similar here), WAGW necklace, Sexy White Shirt tee, Trendphile pants (similar here), Tomato bracelet, Oxygen Paris watch, Club couture heels

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19 Responses to Walking on Hearts

  1. Caroline says:

    oooh, pants with those shoes = something amazingly perfect ♥
    kisses from


  2. another great look that I could wear!! 😀 My parents neglect me of wearing shorts and skirts, so i’m stuck with pants! Thank you Kryyyyz!! 😀

  3. Eileen says:

    ♥Very Lovely♥

  4. Kristine says:

    Lovely neck piece! And cute shoes too <3

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    For affordable arm candies and clothing.
    Thank you! :)

  5. Nicole W says:

    I need some advice. I have a natural toughie bad chick look and I want to build my accessory collection so I can look more mature and sophisticated. Would you advise gold or silver accessories?

  6. cathy says:

    I love the cut outs on your shoes!
    Check out my newest outfit post:

  7. Tara says:

    Those jeans reminds me of what me and my friends used to wear back in the day (late 80s), especially this one friend of mine, because they always looked good on her.

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