We got the afternoon

Thanks to JackKaye for the photos!

Thanks to Sin for the top! I never wear such shiny pieces, but I loved the change and trying to make it work appropriate. (yes, this outfit is work appropriate, for I am my own boss! bwahahaha) I also loved the deep V back detail! Ultimate lifesaver from the heat when layering!

I got this blazer from WAGW but I’ve never ever used it out of the house (pang photoshoot lang). This sold out like hot cakes when it came out cause it was so cheap and the cloth wasnt too thick for tropical weather. If you’re from the PH, tell me if you want it, I can sell it to you for 300 bucks 🙂 [*edit: okay, that was fast! Sorry guys, blazer sold out!]

The necklace is still available online. Just link in my photo, fill this out (http://wagw.multiply.com/photos/album/8/Place_Your_Orders_Here) and WAGW can process your order. I wear it with basic pieces and it automatically looks chic! 🙂 Its only Php298.

Tomorrow and the coming days will be super duper hectic for me cause I have so many projects to work on! I had a meeting with Zee yesterday, and Im so excited to work with such well known people! WAGW is getting me real busy as well. All that plus a ton of photo shoots and interviews makes one busy busy week! Just a heads up incase I don’t get to blog as often.

Also, WAGW will be at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar on August 27-29! See you there!