Wearing Pajamas to Fashion Week

Hello from NEW YORK- the city that never sleeps! I figured it would be fun to dress as if I were wearing pajamas precisely to play on that statement. PJs out and about in the most chaotic part of town, and in the busiest season for fashion. See, you can get inspiration from everywhere- the bed being one of them! Honestly, I just wanted to inject a bit of humor and playfulness into the serious and exclusive world of fashion. Sometimes when we are too busy with the hustle and bustle of life, it’s nice to step out and see the fun in things. Do something playful that makes you smile. Why? Because you can and because we all need a breather! If you can be that reason people lighten up, then it’s all worth it! Enjoy!

Kate Spade Bag
Vince Camuto Hat
Zara Pants
Sock Boots