Wedding Guest DO’s and DONT’s

I know I’m wearing black to a wedding, but before you judge me- listen up! It was the bride’s request for all guests to wear Black, Midnight Blue, Gold or Silver- so technically, I was being a good guest by staying within the guidelines! I’ve been getting more and more wedding invites lately and I’m sure it’s because I’m we’re getting old!! All our friends are getting hitched (tears), and my social media feed is bursting with wedding updates and hashtags! So to those of you who can relate, here are a few wedding etiquette tips I’ve collated from all my bridezilla friends. Enjoy!

1. DO dress up.

It’s a big day, so show up like you actually made the effort to celebrate with the couple.

2. DONT overdress.

For goodness sake, don’t steal the bride’s thunder. Look nice, but don’t show up in a fully decked Michael Cinco-esque gown. Respect the bride, and let her be the star of the show. I mean couple! Respect the couple!

3. DO make room for dessert.

Or the reception food in general. The couple spent a lot of money to serve you good food- might as well eat it! P.S. This is my fave rule and thats why I’m wearing a super loose jumpsuit! LOL

4. DONT bring a guest.

If you’ve only been given one reserved seat. (Calling out the parents- don’t bring your kids if they weren’t invited!)

5. DO bring a gift!

Help the couple out. If you forget (like I always do), you can always send it after the wedding. Check out their registry before hand so you know the perfect gift to give.

6. DO Stay.

Don’t ditch the reception right after you eat. Congratulate the couple and spend the evening with them. If you want to leave early- it probably means the couple doesn’t mean that much to you anyway. In that case, don’t go at all!

7. DONT be a kill joy.

If the couple requests for you to join the games, or give a speech or even take shots after the reception- do it. Weddings only happen once (technically)- so make theirs memorable.

8. DO come in comfy shoes.

So you have less excuses to be a party pooper- and you can dance the night away!

9. DONT call out mistakes or nitpick.

Chances are the couple are already pretty stressed out or busy thinking about what went wrong- don’t rub it in!

10. DO remember your role.

Don’t pick fights, don’t complain a lot, enjoy the ceremony, have good wine, make new friends and girls- DO NOT WEAR WHITE!

Jumpsuit by Ronald Enrico (similar here and here)
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