What A Guy Wants

There are so many things I want to talk about in this post! Gaah! Talk about reverse writers block! Let me skim through the minor topics quicky before I really get into the main one.

First, this is my first ever blog post with my new and freshly-colored-for-the-first-time-ever-hair! Whoohoo! That deserves a happy dance! I have been waiting for this day for sooo long and I’m happy I finally got the guts to do it. Now, I think I have just started an unhealthy obsession! I want more colors and I want them stat! That cant be good right? I also want to straighten my hair already, which Im gonna do before the month ends. Yay me for new hair styles!

Second, after writing yesterday’s blog post, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and review my old looks posted a few years ago. Can I just say- Oh My God. Let’s say that again. OH MY GOD WHATWASITHINKING. Sleeveless tops + clip on collars + leather shorts + platforms??? *cue barf now* I wont get into it. Let’s just say I am wishing for a mass delete button right now, and hopefully a “mass-erase” in everyones memories kinda button too.

Third and most importantly, I hope you’ve noticed the #shopWAGW selfie trend happening on Social Media right now. Some of your favorite bloggers, hosts, personalities, Djs, musicians, celebrities etc are all sporting a cap that says WHAT A GIRL WANTS or WHAT A GUY WANTS, similar to what I’m wearing on this post. This was actually a campaign that we at WAGW started to remind everyone that no matter who you are or what you look like, you are wanted. We sent out black boxes to a few of our friends with three words on the cover: “Because you are…”, and they open the box to reveal a cap saying “What A Guy/Girl Wants.” It caused quite a stir and I’m happy to say it was such a successful campaign! A lot of people are lining up for our empowerment caps in stores (available in all branches today, and in The Ramp Trinoma and Glorietta by this weekend) and online. They’re just Php298, and I’m hoping my readers can all grab one and take a selfie with it, and tell your friends to do the same! Why? Well read on below!

Boys and Girls today are constantly bombarded with an impossible, unattainable, and distorted standard of beauty. Many aspire to look photoshopped, flawless and perfect rather than real.

But there is hope, the #selfie.

Men and women, celebrities and average Joes alike, are posting selfies and challenging our narrow definition of beauty. Our news feeds and timelines show-off unedited, poorly lit, REAL images of people of every shape, color, and gender looking beautiful.

So we’re #sorrynotsorry to ask you to post a #selfie showing off this hat and encouraging you to do the same.
Because everyone needs to be reminded that they are What A Girl/Guy wants.

Happy Tuesday! x

WAGW blazer (old, all blazers from WAGW at P499 available in stores), WAGW cap, Topshop top, Cotton On shorts, DAS heels, Prada bag, Sunnies by Charlie sunnies

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