What do you stand for?

In light of all the current events happening in the world, I feel like we all need to reflect deeply. We need to ask ourselves what is right and to stand up for that, no matter what the cost. We need to be strong so this world of ours will be strong with us.

We live in a very beautiful age- where we are so connected with people all over the world because of the internet. We are global citizens, and it no longer matters where we come from. It’s mind-blowing that we can so easily cross boarders to work together to create a world even more beautiful than we ever imagined. Most countries are slowing opening up to become international cities- where different religions and cultures mix together in a melting pot of creativity, knowledge and endless resource. We live in a time of freedom and equality- where we are decades past racism and we have finally accepted that love wins no matter what gender. It is indeed a great world and a time like no other- no matter who leads us. We should always remember that at the end of the day, we KNOW in our hearts WHAT IS RIGHT and we will FIGHT for it. No one can tell us otherwise.

Live to inspire. Inspire to bring out the best in humanity.