What to Wear: Weddings | 5 Tips for Every Girl

I seem to be getting invites to more and more weddings lately. And it’s not even like my parents were invited and they asked me to come with- it’s like my friends are all tying the knot one after the other. Every one is getting hitched! #signsofaging Sometimes I just can’t believe it. Things are happening so fast!!! Can we get a time out here??? Di pa ako ready to be a…. wedding guest! 😜

Although there is no definite rule for how to dress to witness a wedding, one thing is for sure- we all want to look good. I mean, it’s a special day! It deserves some effort, right? Well, if you don’t frequent formal events or find this whole dressing up thing a little bit intimidating, I’ve gathered tips to help you look good and stand out- the right way. Enjoy!

1. Stay classy, not trashy.

It’s a wedding, not a lady gaga concert. So by all means, resist the urge to flash people with overly plunging, super short, side/under/top-boob whatever. (Not that you can do that in her concerts but y’know). If you want to add a hint of sexiness to your dress, find a way to cover it up for religious ceremonies. Drape over a shawl a cardigan, or do what I did- add some colored lace!

2. Choose the right accessories.

It’s time to bring the bling OUT! Save your plastic pieces and go for metals and gems- it’s always a safe choice, and it instantly makes you look more sophisticated and put together. I personally like sticking to gold/silver pieces, but honestly, if you can rock colored gems- go for it! Also, don’t forget to bring a small bag! Safe your jumbo totes for the grocery!

3. Below the knee is key.

Again, not a hardcore rule but one I like to stick with. If not to show respect to the couple, to help keep things conservative and keep things on the classy side. If you want to add a bit of spice, opt for a slit or irregular hemlines instead.

4. Never white.

Because DUH! Don’t be a douchebag!

5. Dress for your body shape.

Even if it’s trending on the red carpet, it doesn’t mean that dress and you are meant to be together. Know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Thankfully there are so many dress shapes that complement different body shapes, so you’ll never be left out! Pick a dress that you’ll feel confident in the whole day, and from there- just have a great time.

Dress by Elizabeth Hallie