What’s In My Bag? (GIVEAWAY!)

The last time I did a What’s In My Bag video was aaaages ago. An update is in order- and way overdue! I’ve been battling a weird allergy-induced-cough for the past week and a half, and so I thought it was time to get out of hibernation (more like work-bernation) and film a short video for you guys. Plus, I added a giveaway in here too. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to comment on my Youtube channel to join the contest!

Happy Sunday!x


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29 Responses to What’s In My Bag? (GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Jolene says:

    You still have a pretty voice tho hahaha!! So gorgeous forever

  2. Red flores says:

    I really want to try that selfie light with clear face through the help of the two new products of ponds :)

  3. keithy says:

    Hi kryz! oo nga dapat kaw na ang new endorser ng Claritin! push natin yan! hahaha I also suffered a really bad cough recently and it was worse at night wasnt able to sleep for a week. I hope you feel better now. :) I wanna join your giveaway not for myself but for my sister who suffers cystic acne in the forehead. Shes in high school and I want her to feel carefree without being conscious. Thanks kryz! :)

  4. Danielle says:

    The video was so entertaining. Haha! I like your phone case and I want the selfie ring light. <3

  5. Sarah says:

    hi kryz!

    thank you for sharing with us this “What’s in my bag” video. Vlogs like this really make your readers feel closer to you. i love how spontaneous it is. It’s like we’re with you when you’re showing the contents of your bag.

    i would also want to join your giveaway and would love to try out Ponds new product line

    i have been experiencing breakouts every now and the. and it’s quite frustrating. it seems like the acne just loves to hang out on your face even with washing and cleaning. experiencing this also makes me remember high school days. lakas maka-throwback. hahaha.

    i hope i’d get to win! i can’t wait to have clear skin like you. and oh, that selfie ring is totally a bonus! i’d have better selfies for sure. :)

    stay awesome! <3

  6. mainou says:

    What a fun video! Loved it

  7. Ganda pa rin po ng voice mo 😀 I Joined! Love ya!

  8. Carrizza says:

    Hi Kryz,

    Thanks for sharing this video about the content of your bag and the Ponds products. I want to join your #PondsAcneClearChallenge giveaway simply because i’ve been battling with my pimples and pimples marks for months now and i almost tried all the anti acne products available in the market but to no luck my pimples are still on my face and i think they love to stay with me #forever and I don’t wanna let it happen so I hope i hope and i hope that Ponds anti acne is the solution. Thanks Ms Kryz! :)

  9. Febb Pee says:

    Hi Kryz! Just joined your giveaway contest. I hope I’ll win. :)

  10. dyna says:

    Hi kryzzie. I really love the video showing what’s in your bag. I feel you are really close to me and i know better now.
    I would love to try out Ponds new product and the selfie ring. I am girl who always have a acne. I am always exposed to sunrays because of my job. I always have a breakouts. Hopefully you would choose me as one of your winner. I really really want to try.

    Hmm even I wouldnt be lucky, I really appreciate your beauty. So pretty even at your coughing moment. I am looking forward to see as claritin endorser. I hope with Slater. Getwell lovebirds. .

  11. Salie says:

    Lovin this blog, we’re on the same page of so curious what’s inside of other’s people bag haha not the snatcher thought ha haha
    I just joined your giveaway contest. I wanna try the selfie ring and the ponds coz acne just pop up on my face unexpectedly and it hurts huhu lemme try it Kryz hhe

  12. kate Pauline says:

    so much love kryz. <3

  13. Ann says:

    Hi Kryz! I’m a newbie here and I found your site very entertaining that I think I’m gonna back read for more! I’m not saying this just to win the ponds package (but YES, I would love to win it somehow.. ^_^)

    I wanted to win the Ponds package for my sister. I do have a few zits here and there but I’m not that O.C. and I think I can get away with it. My worries are for my younger sister who had doubts of trying out other products and I want to prove her Ponds is effective. I say so cuz I’ve tried Ponds for an upcoming event and I’m a believer. So yeah, I’ll be so grateful if ever I’ll win..
    KUDOS to your blog! ^_^

    btw, I’ve subscribe to your youtube channel and liked it as “spagetisows”
    keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. Jazzie says:

    hey ate kryzzie! :) actually joined your contest. hope you’ll find time to read it. hihi thanks :)

  15. George says:

    Hi Kryz! What’s the brand of you bag?? I really really like it!!

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