What’s Inside My Bag

Time for another round of What’s Inside My bag featuring my favorite February Lifestyle sling! People usually assume I carry my whole house with me because I’m a blogger and a kikay one at that, but quite the contrary. Find out what I have with me and what I can’t part with each day on the video below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! 👍🏼


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23 Responses to What’s Inside My Bag

  1. Jackie Flores says:

    Ngayon nalang ulit nakapag comment. Hihihi. I like the powerbank so slim. Slater and kryz. So in love.

  2. Hya says:

    Kryz missing Slater❤ haha!

  3. Afisah says:

    wow! Youre kakikayan po is super bagay sa inyo kasi super pretty nyo. At magaling sa blogging.. ♥♥♥

  4. daryll hannah says:

    im amazed. walang face powder sa bag.

    slater.kryz fangirl here ❤❤❤

  5. Jazmín Muñoz López says:

    Hi Kryz!!! I’m from Mexico, you inspire me everyday with your posts and your videos and everything you do. I wish I could meet you some day :) . I have a question, What do you do when you have to retouch your make up if you do not carry any make up in your bag? Just curiousity 😛

  6. Lorz says:

    So pretty Ms.Kryz! what’s the color of your contact lens in this photo?

  7. Vivian says:

    Loving your makeup and contacts in this video!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  8. Sallie says:

    cutie earring

  9. Mina says:

    what lipstick brand and shade are you wearing on this vid? :)

  10. Bea says:

    Hi Kryz! Love your vids!! ❤️ What’s the brand of your powerbank?

  11. Klah - Klah says:

    Restock some of your bags in february lifestyle please :( I really like the in your face bag :(

    • Kryz says:

      Unfortunately, we wont be restocking that particular design anymore, but we are going to restock the Ants in Your Pants one!

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