What’s Inside my Room?

After I did my “What’s in my Bag?” video and “Accessory Closet” post, I’ve been getting tons and tons of requests to do a room tour post! Luckily, Sunstar Cebu, a local daily, featured my closet which sort of let a few of my readers inside my home. For those of you who weren’t able to see it though, this post is for you! It took me a while to shoot this because I’m always rushing into my bed, or rushing out of my room, and it’s always a mess! But here it is after I cleaned up a little, hopefully you guys get some organizing ideas or whatever it is you might pick up from this entry! Enjoy!

My very comfortable bed, with my Mandaue Foam mattress! You can read more about how perfect this bed is here.

On my first bedside table, I have my DIY petal lanterns and a framed love letter from Mike (gosh, I am such a hopeless romantic!) I also have an alarm clock gifted to me by the Bench group (thank you!), a lamp also from Mandaue Foam, 3 container things that Mike gave me as pasalubong from Venice and a lotion which I apply on every night! Usually I use Jergens, but this Dove one came in the mail from Unilever, so I’m trying it out now.

The other bedside table has all my pre-bedtime essentials: Rosary, prayer book and scented candles on a Vito Selma tray, and my charger hanging from a wire holder (the most convenient things!) that I got from I Nako online.

Before I head out the door, I conveniently placed a full length mirror for last minute outfit checks. My tripod and hand-carry luggage are also there because I travel all the time for work, and I need easy access to them, since I tend to pack last minute!

When you enter my room, this is the first thing that you see directly in front of you. I wanted to place a mirror on the wall, but I heard it’s bad Feng Shui. Any suggestions?

On the table are some of my manicures and frames with features and some Instax captures + the mask that I bought at Bacolod during the Maskara festival.

To the left of the door was supposed to be my photo wall, but then practically took over. I needed more closet space so I bought this wooden one instead and just kept the photos on the ground in case I need to move them around or add more shelves. The big photo of me was taken by Xander Angeles for an exhibit, while the small ones in the far corner (you can’t really see them clearly) were sent to me by Make Art Personal. If I did have a photo wall though, I assure you, my choice of photographs would not be my face lol.

Here is my work station! It’s right below the aircon, which means I’m always freezing when I’m working. I usually wear comfy PJs and a hoodie because I’m too lazy to switch the air direction on it! Plus, notice the messy wires and telephone on the floor? The phone technician I hired never returned, so my phone still doesn’t work. lol

On the wall above my work area are some fun things I thought of displaying. SIW is my nickname for high school friends, and beside it is my trophy for being one of the top 10 bloggers at Romwe. On the next shelf are some books, a mask Mike got me from Venice, a photo of me given by Acacia hotel in Manila, my customized laptop sleeve from Snupped Singapore, and a plaque of sorts I was “awarded” with at the Blue Roast on my graduation night (I didn’t really know where else to put it lol).

My messy shelf beside my desk holds more random things ranging from clear drawers I got from SM Accessories, passport holders, USBs, my favorite fashion books, instagram magnets from Stickygram, my Instax camera, and a Burt’s Bees lipgloss gift that says “Kryz’ bees” lol.

Finally, my mini walk in closet and vanity area!

L-R: Shortdress cabinet, Blouse cabinet, Blazer cabinet

If you want more details about my make up, here’s an old post about it. Will make a new one soon, but this post is getting real lengthy, so I’ll save it for some other time!

L-R: Long dress and skirt cabinet, Bangle trays, Hat area

Because my closet had a corner space, I told the designer to make me an open accessory cabinet! This is really my favorite part of my closet! It’s so easy to access and organize!

L-R: Pants, Maxis, Sunnies, Belts, Branded bags (keep them in dust bags to avoid molding!), Clutch bags

My necklaces. They look like I’m selling them, right? Just looking at them makes me happy!

L-R: Shorts, Skirts, Shorts and Skirts, Sweaters and Jackets, Tops, Sleepwear

L-R: Rings and Watches tray, Bracelet tray

Jewellery Boxes from SM accessories

I didn’t take photos of my drawers with the other stuff in it because like I said earlier, this post is getting real lengthy! My shoes are also not a part of this post because I don’t keep them in my room (I’m OC that way). Here’s an old post about my shoe collection, though it’s really out dated and most of the pieces here aren’t with me anymore.

Anyway, that’s that for my mini room tour! Hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Ciao!x

Photos taken with my Fujifilm XE1 Camera.