What’s Inside The Disney Cruise?

Ahoy Matey! It’s my first cruise ever and I’m on board the Disney Fantasy, on a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean. Aaaaaaand- I’m spoiled. I don’t think any other cruise can ever compare! Not only is the ship beautiful, clean and extremely fun, the service was above and beyond. I was spoiled by their crew since day 1! Every time you see a any of them, they are always happy and eager to serve. Leave your frustrations at the door they say, and that’s exactly how I felt when boarding this ship!

First day on board and we were greeted by a welcoming number on the main deck. Those two tubes on either side of the ship are what you call an Aquaduck. It’s a rollercoaster on board a cruise ship!! *Mindblown I strategically went on it on the last few days when all the kids have grown bored of it. Perfect way to beat the line!

The ship was HUUUUUGE! On the other end of it, you’ll find an ADULTS ONLY section. There you could grab a few cocktails, tan in peace, get on the steam pool or on the super windy pool on the top deck, have a nice cappuccino or go on the Jacuzzi. You pay extra for special coffee and drinks though!

Did I mention there was free ice cream? You could get refreshments, ice cream, burgers, fries, pizza, tacos and other sandwiches at any time of the day! I swear I gained about 5 pounds in 1 week! lol

Now that we’re here, lets talk about FOOD!

First of all- Room service is FREE at ANY FREAKIN TIME OF THE DAY. (!!!)

Second- Breakfast/Lunch at Cabanas is served in an overflowing buffet. Imagine all types of food and then some. My mouth is already watering!!! Also, FREE!

There are 3 restaurants for dinner on the ship, and you eat on rotation. That means you never have to line up because there’s always a table ready for you- whether you show up or not. Every night, we get the same wait staff who goes on rotation with us, and they get to know your preferences and recommend which dish you would most likely want. On the first night, we asked for lemon and hot water. On the next night at a different restaurant, it was already waiting for us on the table, even if I didn’t ask for it. If that’s not top service I don’t know what is! Also, it’s damn good and it’s FREE!

You can also choose to dine at Palo or Remy, which are more fine dining restaurants and more private. You have to pay extra for this, but I tell you- it’s totally worth it! The food is BEYOND!!!!!

You see my excitement when we get to the food talk? Lol

I don’t think you’ll ever run out of things to do. They have movies showing at the theatre the whole day, and fun activities for everyone- family or not. The best one? Race your babies!!! LOL More on my VLOG coming up this weekend!

Oh, I forgot to mention they had a ton of other slides and waterpark features around the ship too. They even have mini golf, a basketball court, and a table tennis area. How the ball stays in place when it’s wind level 5000 is still a mystery to me.

They also have Pirates night. And everyone comes dressed like a pirate. Enough said.

I made sure to watch all the performances on the ship because my friends were part of it! They were SOOOO good and I’m super proud of them too! Again, you’ll just have to wait for it on my vlog!
I feel as though every aspect of the ship was well thought of. There wasn’t a thing they didn’t account for! They even closed Pirates night with a fireworks show- which is just CRAZY if you ask me. I mean, blowing fireworks out of a ship in the middle of the Caribbean? Fireworks will never be the same! Aaah so much feels for this post. Disney- you always make me believe that dreams come true. <3