What’s Up, Shanghai?

Hello from the great international metropolis of Shanghai! I’m so happy I was able to squeeze in a short trip with my high school bestie GillianΒ (our first trip together!!!) and sister-bestie JackΒ in between all the craziness of work. Mike and Ryan joined in too which meant an abundance of selfies and touristy photos for us girls. (YAAAY) Our first day was spent exploring our beautiful hotel, which I will talk more about tomorrow (Yes, it deserves a solo post!), and so we only really got to stroll around for a little while. We stayed at the Pudong area, with a lovely park and Gaudi like building just a few meters away. Let me tell ya, best location to cam whore! I forcibly asked Mike to pose with me in front of the LOVE sign against his will (bwahaha) and then not-so-forcibly took Jack’s silly mocking OOTDs! So glad I got to fly here with this amazing team. We not only have pretty awesome experiences and memories to share with you guys, but also couldn’t stop laughing and acting silly the whole time! Sometimes we take for granted how nice it feels to be among people we can let go in front of. You know what I mean? When you don’t have to think of sensoring what you say, or when you are completely at ease doing something totally weird, or when farting out loud only merits laughter and high fives- that’s when you know you are in the company of true friends. (P.S. That farting bit- totally not me :P)

WAGW top, Sheinside skirt, Ferragamo bag, Liu Jo sandals

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