When It Rains

Before boarding on a busy day trip to Manila for the opening of WAGW at Crossings Glorietta, I logged on to twitter and got bombarded with terrifying news of heavy rainfall, flooded streets and strong winds. I’ve been struggling with a thunderstorm phobia ever since Ondoy happened so it wasn’t the easiest of planes to board (especially when my outfit du jour was a backless number with studded sandals on my feet!), but after a few convincing phone calls, I sucked up my fear and went my way. Thank God Makati’s busy streets were safe from water and traffic! I got there in 30 minutes after the plane landed, and in a few short moments of sunshine, Patrish of Paradigma scurried to take my photo. Yay! (Thanks babe!) So after a full day at work, WAGW is now has three branches in Metro Manila: Crossings Shangri-la, Trinoma and Glorietta! Hope you can all drop by and show some support! I’d really appreciate it!

I didn’t know it would be raining that day, so my travel gear of choice included the usual hat, backpack, flats, shorts combo! Good thing I had it in black and white! It matched the gloomy weather just fine!

Everytime I head to Manila, I bring my iBattz case with me because extra traffic means extra time on my iPhone! This case has an extra battery attached at the back that gives extra life to your phone when it dies! You can switch the battery on and off by pressing long at the gray button on the side. You can also check how much power is left on the battery by the blue LED lights at the back of the case. The pack comes with two batteries so you never have to worry about running out! The price is a bit steep at Php3,800 but for a Social Networking addict like me, it’s worth every penny!

New favorite sandals! Look how pretty!!!! I got them on sale at Zara in HongKong! Sandals are such an obsession of mine!

House of Eva top, SM Accessories hat and bracelets, Style Societal black chain bracelet, Zara sandals, H&M shorts, Fayness necklace, iBattz iPhone case, Grafea backpack

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Here are more photos of the iBattz in case you’re interested in it. It comes in a set of colors too, so you never get bored of your case! Style and Function- check!

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