Where Mature Kryz Shops

While I’d never volunteer to do grocery shopping in my teen years- my 26 years of age has finally got me realizing how fun it can be. Today, I hear grocery store and I know I’m going to spend hours picking the perfect breakfast food, reading all the labels (and then getting confused and deciding I shouldn’t read them) and picking out my favorite wine and cheese for weeknights at home. 

When Slater and I got invited to visit Landers Superstore in Manila, I was a bit hesitant. If only because it was located in Balintawak- faaar away from my Mostly Makati life. And you all know how much it takes to brave Manila traffic! However, me and my nosy self got curious and I stalked Landers on Instagram. Lo and Behold- I was convinced! Why??? Read on.

First of all- this place has great lighting. I know thats no reason to visit a grocery store but for people who take a million and one photos like me, it’s a plus! It definitely helps me get in a brighter mood, thats for sure.

They have an all organic section. ALL ORGANIC! SOLD!!!

They also have brands exclusive to them, including President’s Choice and their in house Chicharon. I don’t eat Chicharon, but they say it’s pretty good!

I, on the other hand, made a beeline for the Wine Ice cream and these insanely addicting OMG chocolates!

Slater and I split up because the place was so huge and I wanted to get sooo many things! I actually bought an iron, a clothes rack, a weighing scale, and so much more on top of all the food.

And then we picked me up (quite literally) at the Wine and Cheese section because that’s neutral grounds for both of us. lol

And now the main reason why I made the 1 hour drive to this Superstore- FOOOOOOD! They have their own bakery and separate pizza/fast food counter and it looks so legit! Reminded me so much of NY. We had no choice but to order one of everything just to try it out. LOL. I mean, we already made it all the way there, we really couldn’t leave without it right?


Can’t wait for Landers to open in Cebu!!!

Landers Superstore is located along EDSA at 1106, 1252 Epifanio de los Santos Ave · +63 2 241 4508
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