Where to Eat in Tokyo

I knowwww I’m still about to start showing you about last December in Tokyo, but c’mon guys- one woman team here (excuses). And also, better late than never 😛 (please still say you love me!) So let me make it up to you by making my first post about something so universally relatable- FOOD! My friends and I were the most chill group ever- super chill we made no plans at all but to eat. So out of all the places we tried, here are our favorites for you to try and enjoy if you ever find yourself in Tokyo as well!

 We lived right on top of Shibuya Crossing at Shibuya Excel Hotel, which gave us easy access to late night shopping, late night food binging and the trains! There’s also a really good award winning sushi restaurant at Shibuya Mark City (a mall connected to our hotel) called Sushi No Midori, but we only got to try the take out station cause the line was insane and they wouldn’t accept us anymore! 🙁

In my head, we found a cute coffee shop while walking called Monkey cafe. But when I googled it just now, it showed me images of a cafe with monkey’s as waiters (only in Japan!) so now I’m not sure what this place is called. LOL sorry guys.

But speaking of cafés, we found a cute one along Meguro called Taste and Sense. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Nakameguro station. I’d say have lunch or brunch there, but probably not dinner. They have unlimited salad which was quite tastey, and a cute shop right beside it. I hear the local seem to like coming to this “hidden gem” as well.

We made our way to Harajuku and walked around for a bit. The best thing we ate there probably had to be the street food. This okonomiyaki from Kai-Taco had special gold flakes on it and was extremely hot and perfect for the cold rainy weather! I think this place isn’t exactly noteworthy, but worth a shot if you happen to pass by it!

When in Ginza, and lost like we were- make sure to look for this restaurant above! I have no idea what it’s called (because it’s in Japanese, duh). We just ended up here because we were starving and it was overflowing with locals. Anyone here who can help me out? This is probably the best meal we had the entire trip! The place is tight, tables were made of beer trays and wood, and it didn’t feel too hygenic (though I trust the Japanese!), but they had spectacular grilled food and every single square inch of the place was filled with satisfied customers!

*update: It’s called YURAKOCHO under the train station. Thanks Christine!

For coffee, head over to Streamer Coffee– the best! It’s quite the walk from our hotel in Shibuya but totally worth it. Look at that Latte Art and don’t tell me you aren’t impressed. They actually won awards for it. Plus, they had military donuts- how very cool! I feel like Japan never really runs out of cool.

Last but definitely not the least is Fu-unji ramen in Shinjuku. Seating is limited here as you can see in the photo above. People line up to eat at the back of people facing the kitchen while eating- how very Tokyo. The locals also gave me hate stares for taking my sweet time snapping photos before eating because they were all waiting for me to finish! (oops) The food was really good though. Tasted like heart attack and cholesterol in a bowl, but you have to try it at least once in your life!

Stay tuned for more sites and sounds from my Tokyo trip coming super soon- promise! x