Where to Stay in Siargao

Because Siargao is one of my most favorite places in the world, my friends and I didn’t hesitate splurging on a resort because we wanted to experience the best that the island had to offer. I have to say- it was so worth it! We heard good things about Siargao Bleu resort  (no, this is not a sponsored post) and booked our entire stay with them. When we arrived, we were greeted by Mac, the hotel manager, in the lobby. He was even kind enough to find us a surf spot (and go surfing with us) on the first day because Cloud 9 wasn’t on high tide anymore! That night, we got to meet the owner of the resort and make a few friends over drinks. They were so accommodating and nice, even if they had no idea who we were. Definitely one of the reasons why I love this place so much- everyone is equal and super friendly. No snobs, no hierarchy, no elitism. You can be yourself and everyone will treat you right just because- that’s really how it should be!

They have quite a number of room choices- depending on your need and budget. I booked the floating cottage which gave me instant access to the pool, and the most beautiful view of these palm trees and the sea. Imagine waking up to this every morning!

The mini terrace outside my room was where we spent happy hour just watching the sun set over the island. It’s also where I practiced my morning Yoga (though to be honest, I was only un-lazy enough to do it once lol). On our last night, we borrowed one of the resort Kayaks and kayaked around the pool- which was pretty fun!

We also had mini pathways in between floating cottages where I shot a lot of my swimwear photos. Slater mostly spent his afternoons sleeping on the hammock outside my room!

This is the resorts private beach front where we spent the first night hanging out with our new friends. It’s so peaceful in the mornings!

Of course I carried my trusty February Lifestyle bag with me the entire time! Even Allan got to carry it from time to time. LOL. Who’s Allan? Oh the Personal Butler that came with my floating cottage. HE WAS THE BEST! He reserved all the restaurants we wanted to try so that we were sure to get a seat. He called for all of our motorbikes so we didn’t have to flag them down on the street. He arranged for the shuttle of the resort to take us everywhere when it could so we didn’t have to pay. He waited for us while we surfed and met up with us once we finished with our stuff, bottled water and towels from the resort. He did everything we wanted- booked all our tours and even bought me Pan de Coco, which I heard is hard to get! Allan definitely made his mark on us!

Aside from Allan of course, there was one more guy who made his mark <3 Thank you, Slater, for taking care of me when I was sick or when I didn’t have anything to eat (#hangry no more) and for being such a great sport- even when you’re sleepy 60% of the time. 😛