What Makes Me Leave Home so Much | Sitges

One thing I’ve always loved about Europe is it’s atmosphere. The breezy weather (when you’re lucky), the well dressed people, the incredible food, but most importantly, combining all these things with an unintentionally impeccable (and more often than not, historical) backdrop. This beautiful beach at Sitges was ours, and it was coupled by a lovely melody that a street performer played while we had our lunch. It was the best moment. Sometimes when we travel, our main agenda is to go straight to the touristy spots and iconic monuments, take out our cameras and strike a pose. However, I personally prefer soaking in the vibe of a city through it’s food, walking around, people watching and just generally being in the moment. I often pinch myself when looking at scenes like this. I can’t believe how incredibly big the world is, and how different each of our lives are, most especially at the other side of the world. When I travel, I like to make the most out of moments I know I don’t have the luxury to recreate at home. For instance- staring blankly into space without having to think of work. Or walking around without being afraid of getting mugged or pollution. Or being able to wear whatever the hell I want (like this backless swimsuit as a top), and not have anyone cat call me. I guess that’s why I can’t help but escape to different places all the time. It’s not only the new and beautiful environment, but the simple “normal” experiences I get to enjoy as well.

bag from February