Wish I Could Stay

When in much need of a break, my go to form of vacay is a staycation. Sometimes I crave adventure, but when overdosed with work, I prefer some rest and relaxation. I usually pick a nice hotel and spend an entire day eating, sleeping, and my all time fave- getting a massage. My most recent Staycation experience was a first and I thought I’d share it with you guys for those who are thinking of a quick get away too. It’s about an hour or two’s drive away from Manila- any guesses?

It’s none other than Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay! It’s been a while since I visited the area, and I’ve never stayed overnight before. So when the opportunity came up, I immediately said yes! The place was decked out for the holidays, and the weather was perfectly chilly- it was just the right mix to get me in a festive spirit.

I always say the Discovery Group knows very well how to take care of their guests. When I arrived, they had snacks and drinks waiting to welcome me with my name on it. The room even had my photos framed by the bedside. <3 Plus, since I’ve stayed with Discovery many times before in different locations, I know just what to expect- 5 star service and a very comfortable stay.

It rained most of the time I was there, so I took the time to catch up on some zzz. For the few minutes of sunshine before the sunset, I took a quick dip in the heated jacuzzi overlooking the taal lake and volcano.

This photo was taken on the porch of my room. The place is really small and cozy, so it feels like I had the entire hotel to myself!

Food is also one of the things the Discovery Group is really good at. I always look forward to having a meal with them and lucky for me, they had a special dinner arranged! I have to give a shoutout to these bad boy oysters. They were SOOO GOOD. Look at that Caviar!

They only have one resto, so it’s a good thing Tagaytay has a lot of other options in case you get bored. I went to Bag of Beans for some comfort food and a really tastey Cafe Mocha.

When I got back, they had flowers, popcorn and DVDs waiting for me in the room. I guess they knew my plan was to stay in the entire time! Discovery, Iba talaga kayo! ‘Til next time!

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