Yeh Liu, Taipei

When dad told me we were gonna climb rocks and to wear athletic gear, this is what I came up with. LOL. Whaaat? I didn’t pack anything else! I just threw on whatever I had, slapped on some sneakers and voila! The best part about this look though? My crazy hat! I got it for 50% off in Aldo Taipei, just because I was extra nice to the sales person. Hurrah! And for the record, I didn’t need athletic gear anyways. These beautiful formations were so gentle to us tourists. And so photogenic, don’t you agree? The Yeh Liu Geopark was huge and we all had to walk quite a bit to get here, but I do say, it’s totally worth it.

Never thought I’d see crazy rock formations like these in Taipei, but hey, the world surprises you! That’s why you have to keep your mind open and keep exploring, right? It’s been a crazy past few months over here with travels left and right. But I’m really glad I got to do a trip with my family! We took this little vacation together right after Christmas, so we all ended the year with a bonding sesh. What a way to close 2016.  It’s cherishing moments like these when you realize you really need to make time for the most important things in life- family, health and love. <3 Happy middle of the week, loves!

Aldo hat
H&M jeans and cardigan (old)
Bershka top
Adidas sneakers