Yoga Challenge

Slater has been trying to get me to do Tennis with him for the longest time. I’d love to learn how to play a new sport, but I’ve always been terrible at games with balls involved (let me stop you right there- I know what you’re thinking. LOL) Anyway, I tried it for a bit, and in exchange, I made him promise to try something I like as well. Tananannnn Yoga. Guys, all I can say is… the struggle is real! LOL But props to Slater for being such a good sport and doing much better than I expected. Haha

Big thanks to Yogahub Cebu, Blanne and Reds for helping us out! Let me know if you liked this video! Don’t forget to hit like and leave me a comment! <3


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16 Responses to Yoga Challenge

  1. Anne-Cécile says:

    I watching this video on youtube so cool !

  2. Jolene says:

    So cute you two hahahaha

  3. Renee Alexis says:

    So coooool!!! The bonus round with Slater was amazing! Ah, I wanna try yoga!

  4. janica says:

    you two look so cute. 😀 haha

    i blog here:

  5. Haha you guys are nuts!!! But soooo fun watching it!!!!!!

  6. Klah - Klah says:

    Wow! Si Blanne ♥ i miss her sessions in Metrosports 😀

  7. marichelle sayaang says:

    hahaha! so Cute! I love you both! ^_^

  8. Stephanie says:


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