You: Tarzan, Me: Cheetah

It’s hard not to come up with an animalistic outfit like this and not shoot it amidst lush greenery. I mean, c’mon, I look like a some sort of Cheetah-girl, if there was such a thing! I actually wore this loud outfit with a slim fit black blazer, but I thought I’d show you the more adventurous side of this look by taking it out. This top I have on is actually a leotard from my ballet days. I found it while cleaning my closet a few days ago and decided it was too pretty to stop using! This actually belongs to my friend Kats, and I was surprised to find it lurking among my dance clothes! Well, it’s always fun reinventing pieces, especially when you find new use for them! These pants are sooo comfortable and their in the classiest silk in Cheetah print! So it doesnt matter if you decide to pair it with simple tops, you’re look will appear hot and chic either way!

The cutouts in my top matched the cutouts in my heels perfectly, don’t you think? I also made sure to wear simple accessories in classy black and gold because the look was already so busy to begin with.

As tall and scary as this may seem, it’s actually super duper stable and comfortable. All my shoes from Call It Spring are, that’s why I don’t mind choosing my new picks from their website because I’m sure the fit will be perfect!

ย What do you think about my look?

SM GTW pants (similar here), Call It Spring heels, Custom made necklace, Rolex watch, the Ramp leather bracelet, SM accessories stretchable bracelets, leotard (similar here)

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Thanks to Lea Ann for taking my photos!