2 years ago

100k Giveaway

100,000 subscribers on YOUTUBE? WOW. Thank you so much to everyone here right now. This is incredible. As a little token of my appreciation, 50 people who have been supporting my growth on this platform will get a special gift from me. Will be looking through the comments section this whole week! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! I know I’ve said it a million times, but I really really mean it. You guys are the best, and I appreciate each and every one of you!



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  1. Aweeee! Happy 100k subbies kryz! Maka proud *clap* I notice Vern is always here in Cebu you should have video challenge with them. Ben and Vern Vs Kryz and Slater hahahaha! Lingaw kay ni promise! HAHAHAHA!

    1. Happy 100k subscribers❤️ You’re my inspiration❤️ I love your youtube videos😭 Keep inspiring people. You deserved all the blessings you received. And now I’m starting to love reading your blogs❤️😭

  2. Hi Kryz! OMG!!! My heart literally jumps for joy. I couldn’t be more proud of you! So happy to see you grow in the industry from day 1 ’til present! I was a real youngster when I started looking up to you. Would not get tired seeing more and more of you!!! 🙂

  3. Yay youuu!! Ms Kryz!! Been a fan here since you started blogging and had your WAGW line!! Hihi. Murag pokémon ga evolve!! Congratulations and cant wait to see your wedding vlog too! *only if you share it tho. Hehe.

  4. You deserved it po. We love u, and thank you for the happiness u brought to our lives. ♥ Praying for ur Happiness too as same as for what u gave to us. XoXo ❤❤

  5. Awwwee congrats. Always a fan of your pictures and your pose, like I get to checked it everyday if how can I have imitate your blogger pose to have nice pose. Excited to watch your wedding pictures soon. 😁😊✌🏼

  6. Hi kryzzie I’m a subbie of your channel eversince! Congrats for the 100k subbies! I dont usually comment on ur videos bt if i find time i always watch ur channel . Especially during my milk pump sesh 😄(yah mommy duties😅) To more utube vids and happy married life soon goodluck and godbless on ur new project😊

  7. Hi Kryz! I am an avid fan from the beginning. It’s a habit checking your blog before I start to work. 3 I’s why I keep on checking your blog.

    > Inspiring-it is not only for fashion but all about life itself. I watched your video against sexual harassment being the voice of all the women across the globe. You draw a line away from the 2 rude guys. You inspired us to be brave and value ourselves. Thank you!

    > Informative- I felt like I am traveling with you with all the places you’ve been into. It is pure fun but you educate us with their cultures,food,fashion and the like.

    >. Interesting- all your post awakens the interest of you reader.

    I will remain as your avid fan and will continue to follow your posts. Excited with your upcoming wedding! I’m hoping you can post more inspiring videos about keeping the marriage alive soon….

  8. Iloveyou kryzzzzz! Been watching you since then. It’s like Im loving you from far since then. Godbless. Lovelovelove from davao 😘

  9. Yay!!!! I feel so proud and happy of you reaching 100k subs kryzzie! Been an avid fan since 2016 and yes, there are still some aspects that I should’ve know more about you. But being a silent-ish fan, I’ve been silently supporting you in every events, accomplishments, and also, I’m looking forward to your ig stories everyday and vlogs coz wala lng maka good vibes lng gyd ka miss kryz.
    I am super duper happy for you coz you’ve reached 100k subs and now you’re engaged w/ the engineer. Ayeeee! I’ve been wishing all my life ever since I saw you together with slater that someday you’ll end up Mr & Mrs. Young (Engr. & Mrs. Young I must say.)
    Stay happy and keep spread the good vibes. Thank you for inspiring us miss Kryz! I hope I could meet you personally soon! LOVE LOTS!

  10. Hi kryz, congratulations for youuu 🎉🎈 More followers and videos to come yeyy!!! We love you kryz, I will always be here to support ‘ya! 💖 God bless!

  11. Congratulations Kryz on your 100K milestone!🎉
    We always learn something from you especially when you get to tackle some important issues. Keep inspiring people. Sending you love & light! 💝

  12. Wow! Congrats Kryz..
    Be able to spend some time with you again is more than enough gift from you. 😉

  13. I super kaduper love your videos Kryz! Also your fashion sense is just wow! Thank you for making us happy thru the photos and videos that you share. More power and God bless you!😘

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