August 4, 2021

24 hrs with mom!

My vlogs never last all day because when the camera is off, I binge on work. This means I’m drown myself in meetings, shoots and planning sessions + other “mommy” stuff that isn’t exactly cute or glam. Yes friends, the day doesn’t end in a cute swimming session or having a romantic dinner with hubs. There are so many behind-the-scenes moments you guys don’t get to see. But today, we are changing that- even just for a little bit. I’m showing you what happens after Scottie’s cute mukbang sessions- the mess, the clean up… the tired mama.

Luckily, today’s video is sponsored by Breeze Gentle and Free Laundry detergent. While it’s a mess being a full time mom to a hyperactive and energetic little boy, it’s nice to have a detergent thats tough on stains, but still gentle on the skin. If you want to get your hands on it too, there’s a special deal happening today!


Watch the full video here:

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