8 years ago

All About the Legs

I know I’ve probably said this a million and one times already, but just in case you haven’t caught it yet, here it is again: petite girls who want to look taller can definitely do so with the power of a good leg! Heels or nude stilettos are instant leg lengtheners and can make your legs look miles long if worn the right way, but let me show you how wearing flats can do the same too!

Today I’m wearing short cutoffs to give the illusion of longer legs and strapping on a pair of statement sandals to drive more attention towards them. Straps sometimes cause a chopping effect on the legs, and may instead make you appear shorter, so to be safe, buy sandals with thin straps like these.

To make sure you achieve this leg lengthening effect, it also helps to tone your legs (or cheat by tanning them). I’m naturally fair skinned and going under the sun rarely gives me that hot golden glow, so I’m stuck with working out to make them look toned and shapely. It was a blessing in disguise to have had ballet and contemporary dance growing up, cause it made my leg muscles super strong and easy to work on!

Hope these simple tips help you small girls out somehow! Enjoy!

WAGW top, H&M tank, F&X shorts (similar here), Chestbox sandals (similar here), Celine bag, Tommy Hilfiger watch from Meridian Timepieces, Pretty Little Blings rings, Les Moda sunnies

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  1. those are really great sandals… and you do look taller.. can i ask a question? aside from wagw, where do you shop? does Cebu have great shopping centers.. hope you can share you fave online stores/ and shopping areas…

  2. Hello Kryz,

    May I ask in what salon did you get your hair permed? 🙂
    Would appreciate your response 🙂

    Thanks a bunch,

  3. Nice kaayu imo advice kryz, cause kah Height rata….
    At least i learned how I can do something with my height complex

    I’ll definitely try out your advice, para feeling taas kunoh..LOL! Thanks much!

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