2 years ago

Amsterdam with #TheTrio

The final leg of our #Trio trip in Europe is at no other place than… AMSTERDAM! One of my favorite cities in the world. I love how clean and picturesque it is, and how it always feels like I’m living inside a story book. Plus, getting to explore and have fun with my friends is a major bonus. Hope you guys enjoy my take on this adventure. It’s a bit late, but promise, it’s worth the wait! LOL

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  1. how come you don’t acknowledge the fourth girl in your vlog headers? The one you call Nans? She looks fun to be with!

  2. Hi Kryz! Just wondering where your accommodation is in Amsterdam 🙂 Me and my friends are trying to get a good place to stay in there.
    Thank you:) Enjoyed your blog and it gave me ideas for our trip

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