May 24, 2021

asking mom questions i never asked

In today’s Day In the Life episode, we take it a little more personal. Scottie and I visit Mommy Irene as part of our weekly routine, but this time, I was able to solo out some time with her to ask her some intimate questions. Some questions I never had the courage to ask her- like what her first impression of Slater was, or if I was an accident baby. We also uncovered reasons why I do certain things the way I do today- like making breakfast for my family, or keep Vicks on our bedside table. It’s really nice to get to talk to my mom without the everyday distractions and get to know her a little deeper than I used to. Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we did filming it!

P.S. Thank you so so much to #VicksPH for sponsoring this video! We loooove Vicks at both our households and mom has been using it on me since I was younger. ❤️

You know what they say… if you are feeling under the weather and need some headache relief- #JustVicksIt!

Thank you!

Watch the full video:

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