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Bad Gal

Though it doesn’t really show in the photos, the rain is pouring a lot these days and the skies have turned murky gray instead of it’s usual blue. And while my perky mood has now changed to a more clingy somber one, at least I can take a different turn on what to wear! If there’s a plus side to all this chilly wet weather lately, it’s getting the chance to wear my thick coats and boots again!

Instead of layering up, or wearing a thick sweater, I thought of trying a more- for lack of a better term- “indie” look. This doesn’t really look Indie, but you get what I mean! I took layering to another level from piling on bracelets to layering slim necklaces like this snowflake and fishbone one I have on. I also loooove wearing multiple slim rings on my fingers. I guess that’s really where everything is going now a days- layering everything!

Also, I’m getting more and more lazy to wear make up! I don’t know if it’s just me, my growing age, stress of work or the crazy weather but make up always takes the back seat in my life now a days. My my how things have changed!

I know a lot of people who love boots but don’t get the chance to wear them here in the Philippines because of our tropical weather. I usually rejoice when the rain comes down cause it means my low cut boots can get their moment in the sun again! So to all you girls who need an occasion for them, the rainy weather is excuse enough!

And since we’re taking about rain, here’s another biiiig problem that we face under it- traffic! With social media addicts like me, my iPhone is an extension of my body, and when I’m hit by traffic and my battery runs out, I always feel like I’m gonna die #FirstWorldProblems. I used to use an iPhone case that came with an external battery but it’s become sooo bulky that I always end up picking my other slimmer cases instead. My new discovery? The Momax portable charger! I just leave it in the car and pop my phone on it whenever I need to without having to switch cases! Problem solved!

For more info on Momax and where to buy it, click here.

What do you think?

Ministry of Retail coat (similar here), H&M tank, Topshop shorts, Chloe boots, Marc Jacobs necklace, Phoebe’s iPhone case, Momax mobile charger, Daniel Wellington watch(15% off discount code: “kryzuy”. This code is active until the end of October)

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  1. Hi Kryz,

    I love all your outfit. Nice legs and I like that shorts too. Is that Momax portable charger goes well with the other brands of Phone or just for Iphone? Love you Kryz. xx

    1. Thanks Zane!It works for BB too I think and if you have the wire, baka for android din 🙂 USB siya.

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