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Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials: How to Create Your Own Set

Beginner Makeup Kit

Want to start with a beginner makeup kit? You’ve come to the right place!

With the variety of products in the makeup aisle, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention the ever-evolving makeup trends on the internet.


We got the ultimate checklist for everything you need as a makeup beginner.

Table of Contents

How to Build a Makeup Kit:

1. Score Yourself a Good Primer

1. Score Yourself a Good Primer

First things first, you need to get yourself a primer for your makeup kit.

A makeup primer is one of the most basic things you need in your makeup collection.

Besides smoothing out your skin for makeup application, here’s why it’s a MUST-HAVE makeup product:

#1 It Blurs Out Large Pores

There are a number of non-comedogenic face primers that can minimize your pores in one swoop!

A good makeup primer fills in your pores to make them look blurred and prevents makeup from getting cakey. Using primers formulated for large pores will help smooth out your complexion.

This as a base helps control sebum and makes your makeup last longer without that oily shine.

This is why a makeup primer is A MUST for beginners’ makeup kits!

BONUS: As a base, it blurs out your wrinkles and fine lines, making it perfect for a “no makeup” makeup look.

#2 It Can Be Used Even Without Makeup

While it does serve as a base for a smooth foundation application, you can definitely use primer without foundation!

It might not offer the same amount of coverage, BUT it is enough to smoothen out your skin tone.

If you often go with light makeup looks and use fewer makeup products, this is the MAIN STAR of your makeup kit!

2. Choose a Foundation

2. Choose a Foundation

The second most important thing for a makeup kit for beginners is a foundation.

There are tons of shades and formulas out there.

You need to choose products that are apt for your skin tone AND skin type.

#1 Consider Your Skin Concern

a. Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, chances are some makeup products might have formulas that are too strong for you.

This can result in unwanted allergic reactions like eczema flares.

But don’t worry! There are foundations specially made for those with eczema.

These can give you the right amount of coverage and balance out redness.

And they’re gentle enough to not cause any irritation to your face!

b. Large Pores

There are foundations made to cover large pores.

If the primer wasn’t enough to blur out your pores, you could dab a layer of foundation, so your face looks even.

Experiencing Caking?

Wearing it without a base can also clog your pores, so it’ll help to learn how to stop foundation from settling in your pores.

c. Hyperpigmentation

If you’re looking for maximum coverage, there are foundations that can cover freckles.

Just make sure to choose the right shade to keep your skin color even.

d. Scars and Texture

Primers can pretty much smoothen out your whole face.

But if it’s not enough to do so, you can use specialized foundations for scars and textured skin.

They offer enough coverage with only a small amount so that they won’t end up looking way too cakey.

#2 Use a Good Formula

a. Waterproof

To get that fresh, dewy beauty look, it’s a MUST to have a water-based drugstore foundation in your collection.

These are very light on the skin and give off a sheer effect.

Its formula is gentle, making it perfect for those who are acne-prone.

b. Oil-Based

If you have dry skin, try opting for an oil-based foundation!

Its consistency is a bit thicker and takes the proper tools and application to look smooth on your skin.

This type can stay on for a longer period though it might feel quite heavy and greasy.

If you already have oily skin, avoid using these!

c. Silicone-Based

If your T-zone looks way too oily often, a silicone-based foundation is the way to go!

The silicone ingredients act as built-in primers that can MATTIFY your face as well as control shine and sebum.

And if you need your makeup to last a long while, these are waterproof.

Keep your beauty fresh all day long!

Its formula is made in a way that can prevent moisture from escaping, keeping your face texture balanced.

3. Try Contour Products

3. Try Contour Products

Contouring might be tricky for a beginner, but it does beauty wonders!

It’s very handy to always have a contour kit in your makeup kit and makeup collection.

Most of these might only include specific shades of bronzer products, but it’s important to include these items in the list:

  • Cream Blush (or any blush)
  • Highlighter
  • Concealer (lighter shade)

Use Them to Emphasize Your Features

Everything in this will help you emphasize your facial features to bring out the true beauty in you!

Besides shaping and contouring your nose and jawline with a bronzer kit, you can also:

  • Lift up your cheekbones with blush and highlighter.
  • Cover eye circles and shape your brows with a concealer.
  • Get eye makeup

4. Keep Your Eyebrows on Fleek

4. Keep Your Eyebrows on Fleek

Now that you have all the basics down, it’s time to pack in items for your eyes!

With the variety of eyeshadow palette collections and eye makeup in the market, it can be overwhelming for a beginner.

So here’s a step-by-step list of all the items you need for your eyes to look alive!

#1 Shape It According to Your Brow Type

The very first thing you need to do is make sure your brows are groomed.

You can pop in a little tweezer or eyebrow shaver set in your makeup kit.

Worried about how to shape sparse and straight eyebrows? Read through our article on how to style Asian eyebrows.

#2 Conceal Any Stray Hairs

If you’re not quite confident in grooming your own brows, you could always use a concealer to hide some stray eyebrow hairs!

Make good use of your highlighter as well to make your brows more defined.

#3 Fill Them In!

Last but not least on this list, fill them in!

Different beauty brands offer different types of brow makeup:

  • The traditional eyebrow pencil.
  • Brow gel for a more defined brow.
  • Coat it with brow mascara for it to last long.

The eyebrow pencil can give you a more natural feel, while a brow mascara or brow gel will give you a strong, stiff look.

If you want to be experimental, you can also grab a shade from your eyeshadow palette to fill your eyebrows.

#4 Your Eyelashes Can Brighten Up Your Look

While your eyebrow makeup affects the overall shape of your face, your lashes will surely make your eyes POP!

a. Put on Some Extensions

Ideally, you can pack a set of eyelash extensions in your kit.

There are different types of eyelash extensions that cater to different needs, though. Just be sure to pick what suits your eyes best.

And don’t forget to add some eyelash glue! You’ll need a stable hand in putting them on.

b. Add Drama with Mascara

To blend in the extensions with your natural eyelashes, coat them with mascara. Asian girls can use mascaras formulated for Asian lashes so that they hold up better.

If you’re not up to using lash extensions, just swipe on some mascara directly.

Add in an eyelash curler, and you can make your lashes look longer!

c. Avoid Clumping

Of course, we all don’t want clumpy mascara.

But don’t worry because there’s a trick to keep your mascara from being clumpy!

If you find that your mascara dries quickly, you can pack in some eye drops to keep them from getting crusty.

#5 Trace Your Eyes with Liner

It takes skill to put on eyeliner.

This is the MAKE or BREAK of your whole look.

We suggest you pack a makeup remover for this.

Thankfully, beauty brands recognized this struggle and provided us with different types of eyeliner. Traditional pencil eyeliner and modern liquid eyeliner are the most popular types:

  • Liquid eyeliner can give you that defined cat-eye (with a steady skilled hand).
  • While the pencil eyeliner can be used along your waterline for a more intense feel.

If you’re going for softer makeup, you can use lighter eyeliner colors.

Black is the most common one, but some color favorites would be brown and white.

Brown liners can give you a more natural feel, while white liners can make you look more youthful.

#6 Be Gentle on Delicate Eyes

Besides worrying over which eyeshadow palette matches well with your dress, remember to be gentle when you’re applying (or even removing) makeup.

The eye area is the most sensitive part as it’s susceptible to wrinkles.

So if you’re either applying concealer to cover your eye circles or putting on eyeshadow, GENTLY DAB it on. And choose a color you like from your eyeshadow palette.

Don’t overstretch or scratch your eye area.

There’s a bunch of techniques on how to put makeup on sensitive eyes that are worth checking out!

TIP: You can use a highlighter or blush as an eyeshadow if you don’t want a bulky palette

5. Invest in Face Powder

5. Invest in Face Powder

Keep looking fresh throughout the day with a layer of face powder.

Finishing your makeup with powder will keep all your makeup intact and preserve that matte beauty for the whole day.

Retouching with it will keep your shine in check as well! And you can use a drugstore setting powder formulated for dry skin if you have a drier skin type.

If you’re having a lazy day, you can just dab it on after priming.

6. Don't Forget About Your Lips

6. Dont Forget About Your Lips

Of course, we can’t forget the most important items on this list.

Let your lips grab all the attention with the holy trinity of makeup: lip balm, lip gloss, AND lipstick.

Without all of these, you’ll end up looking like a dull, dry corpse!

#1 Prep That Pout

Before painting your canvas, make sure you prep it well.

You don’t want your lips looking all wrinkly and clumpy. We want PLUMP and JUICY.

  • Pack a lip scrub in your kit to keep your lips looking lusciously smooth. You can buy one, or you can learn how to make a lip scrub. Either will work.
  • Prime it with some lip balm to keep your lipstick from getting all cakey.

#2 Learn How to Apply Your Products

After making sure your lips are moisturized and not dry, applying your matte lipstick is next on the list.

And OF COURSE, different types of lipsticks will give you different looks:

  • A classic gloss to make your lips shine
  • Matte for a stronger approach
  • Lip tint for a lighter and softer feel

#3 Try Trending Techniques

These days, there are different techniques that can be used to change your lip shape.

One of our favorites is the soft gradient look that’s perfect for all occasions.

#4 Have a Designated Makeup Area

Now that you got all the items from the list, time to go the extra mile and get one of those portable makeup chairs.

With all the products in your kit, you might as well set up your own space if you’re going to have a full-blown makeover session.

Why Use Makeup?

Why Use It

So WHY should you go through this whole process in the first place?

Well, we all want to look good and presentable, don’t we?

Makeup can empower us!

We’re not entirely changing our appearance. We’re just enhancing the beauty that’s already existing.

With enough skill learned from tutorials, you can even de-age yourself with it! Read through our article on how to cover wrinkles around your mouth for more details.

But Don't Use Too Much!

But of course, too much of everything can be harmful too.

Make sure you keep everything balanced out, or else too much makeup will just make you look worse.

And don’t forget to slide in some makeup remover in the makeup kit. Just in case!

Besides cosmetics, you can pop in a few skincare products in your makeup kit as well!



And there you have it! The COMPLETE list for your makeup kit.

You’re all set with your makeup kit for beginners, complete with all the tools and products you need daily.

Our final tip is to make sure that you also know the proper application techniques when using your makeup tools. A good makeup sponge is usually all it takes for a flawless finish.

Read through our article on how to apply your primer, foundation, and concealer for a full breakdown of steps.

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