March 5, 2021

10 Best Conditioners for Colored Hair: Color-Treated, Dry

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Choosing the best conditioners for colored hair doesn’t have to be a tedious task, thanks to the many products available in the market today.

Yes, you need special sulfate-free products to preserve the hair color while keeping it silky smooth, but most of all, you need the right shampoo and conditioner that treats your hair without side effects.

That’s why we curated an ultimate list of the 10 best conditioners for your color-treated hair:

Best Value
Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner
Our Pick
Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner
Budget Pick
Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner
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10 Best Conditioners for Colored Hair

Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner

Our Pick

Taking the top spot is the Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner!

Red hair color is one of the hardest to preserve; yet this product exceeds expectations by not only cleansing your hair but also by keeping its vibrant color and shine.


Revitalized Hair

Aveda Madder Root has intense hydrating properties and also nourishes all the way to your roots. You’ll notice an improvement in hair texture and shine.


Get ready for some intense hair color when you use this conditioner. It can actually extend the life of warm to reddish shades so you don’t have to rush to your next coloring session.


Since it’s made for warmer shades and reds, this product is not recommended for those with blonde or grey hair color.

Another drawback is the hefty price tag that costs twice as much as the other products on this list.

Be warned of possible color transfer as well when you towel off after a shower.

Is Aveda Madder Root For You?

If your hair color leans toward warm shades and reds, then this is the conditioner for you! You can maximize all the benefits so it’ll be worth the price tag.


  • Preserves the intensity of your hair color
  • Smoothens and softens hair


  • Not suitable for coloring blonde and grey hair
  • Expensive
  • Color tends to transfer

Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Best Value

Hair damage is the bane of most people who have their hair colored. That’s why Olaplex can give you your money’s worth by keeping your hair color-ready after every wash.


Damage Control

The most significant benefit is in this conditioner’s patented repair system which restores strength to your hair strands.

Strengthens From The Roots

To complement its damage control properties, Olaplex also hydrates and strengthens the hair. This ensures that your hair has the elasticity and strength in structure.


Others reported that Olaplex can dry or leave a strange stickiness. Stylists advise that only those with heavy hair damage should use Olaplex.

Is Olaplex No. 5 For You?

Olaplex is one of the entries in this list that can be used by most hair types.

Considering its restorative properties, only get this conditioner if you’ve been coloring your hair for a long while and want to restore hair to its untreated state.


  • Strengthens hair strands
  • Nourishes and hydrates the hair


  • Some users find that it makes their hair sticky

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner

Budget Pick

Moroccanoil is our budget pick at only 11 dollars a bottle. It provides all the essential care you need and leaves your hair with a fragrant finish.



This conditioner leaves your hair without any tangles using avocado oils and argan oils. It helps make your color-treated hair smooth and manageable.

Deeply Moisturizes

The argan oil and keratin enriched formula also moisturizes your hair, keeping it from feeling dry and brittle.

Strengthens Hair

Fatty acids and other nutrients strengthen the hair strands. These promote elasticity and shine for your locks. No matter how damaged your hair, a rebuilding protein helps repair each strand.

Fragrant Smell

The smell of Moroccan oil and floral extracts can soothe the senses. Other ingredients also add to the diverse fragrance, such as lavender, jojoba extracts, and avocado oil.


Some claim that there is a resulting dryness after using the product. Others also experience feeling a sticky residue.

Is Moroccanoil For You?

This conditioner’s main benefit lies in its damage repair. It’s perfect for those with dry and damaged hair who don’t want to spend too much on a pricey solution.


  • Effectively detangles hair
  • Hydrates and nourishes dry strands
  • Morrocan oil gives a nice fragrance


  • Can leave sticky residue for some users

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner

If you’re not a fan of using conditioning products, this ultra-lightweight product just might change your mind!


Refreshingly Indulgent

Bumble and Bumble gives your hair the luxury treatment while keeping things light and easy. You’ll enjoy your hair without the feeling of any product while getting soft and manageable results.


The six types of seed oils and flower extracts all work together to keep your hair in top form. There’s no need to use a separate serum when you can have it all in one neat package.


The price can seem outrageous for those who are expecting a more noticeable effect on their tresses.

Is Bumble and Bumble For You?

This Invisible Oil Conditioner is for those who want to give their locks an extra treat after repeated treatments. If you want to splurge on some TLC, then this product can make the best gift.


  • Moisture-rich ingredients
  • Softens and smoothens unruly hair


  • Pricey

Aveda Black Malva Color Conditioner

In contrast to the Madder Root, Aveda’s Black Malva Color Conditioner is for the brunettes and those who want to tone down their hair color.


Vibrancy Like No Other

This conditioner gives your hair a subtle shine using ingredients such as black tea and black malva.

They help reduce red hues and instead replace it with darker shades, making it a good alternative for those who want to subtly tone down their hair color.

(Read through our Best Red Hair Dyes for All Hair Types article for good red dye options.)


Plant extracts and herbs do their job by keeping your hair smooth and moisturized, making hair as bouncy as it can be.


Much like the Madder Root, the Black Malva is not for those with blonde or grey hair. The price is also fairly expensive compared to other products.

Is Aveda Black For You?

The Aveda Black is your ideal conditioner if you have black or brunette hair color. It’s also a good deal for those who want to effectively cool warm hues without a trip to the salon.

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  • Makes hair smoother and shinier
  • Can lessen the intensity of red hues
  • Tames flyaways and frizziness


  • Not for those with grey or blonde hair
  • Expensive compared to other products

Verb Ghost Conditioner

True to its name, the Verb Ghost Conditioner delivers on its promise of a gentle, almost weightless layer of protection for your locks.


Lightweight Protection

Sunflower seed extract, moringa seed oil, and other color-protecting vitamins and minerals act as UV filters, protecting your hair from UV rays without weighing it down. 

Natural Ingredients

You know your hair is in good hands when it’s nourished by the most natural of ingredients. No need to worry if it’ll cause further damage or irritation. In fact, these even promote hair growth.


Other users found that Verb causes dry hair and some claim it leaves a greasy finish.

Is Verb For You?

If you’re looking for a light yet color-extending conditioner, then the Verb Ghost Conditioner works best for your hair. It also functions as a budget-friendly alternative to Bumble and Bumble’s offering.


  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Sunflower seed extract protects hair from damage


  • Can cause dryness
  • Some users say it leaves a greasy finish

Fekkai Technician Color Conditioner Extended Color Vibrancy

This tropical-scented conditioner extends the shine of your keratin or color-treated hair using gentle natural oils, giving you salon-ready results!


Fruity Fragrance

For fans of fruit-scented products, this conditioner is imbued with the smell of peaches and a red fruit blend, finished off with tropical fragrance notes.

Natural Shine

The jojoba and olive oil-derived silicone alternatives leaves hair without any greasy residue. You can get shiny, tangle-free hair that’s both silicone and sulfate-free.

UV Protection

This product also prevents color from fading by providing UV filters against solar exposure and other environmental aggressors.


Some users have noticed that the product has changed formulas, becoming a more watered-down version of its more successful predecessor.

Is Fekkai Technician Color For You?

Users who struggle with hair damage can use this gentle hair conditioner to provide the needed hair care. The product is also recommended for those with keratin-treated hair.


  • Silicone-free and sulfate-free
  • Protects the hair from UV damage
  • Fruity scent


  • Formula is different from the earlier version of the product

IGK Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat

The IGK Conditioner is for those who have hair that has lost its hair strength and are looking to restore it back to its natural beauty.



This product’s main offering is its ability to restore even the most damaged hair strands, providing hydration for treated hair.

Ingredients like amla oil, sunflower seed oil, and sea kelp extract keep your hair glossy and smooth.


If you’re conscious about what happens after you finish using the product, IGK Conditioner’s packaging is 100% recyclable and the bottle itself is made from 95% recycled plastic, so you won’t have to worry about contributing to pollution.


The fragrance can be a hit-or-miss depending on whether you like the scent or not.

The product also relies on silicone for the extra shine, which may counter its hair strengthening properties and leave scalp residue.

Is IGK For You?

The IGK is better for hair types that can stand silicone. It’s also best for those who have the main goal of making their color-treated hair particularly shiny and glossy.


  • Repairs hair damage
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Contains silicone

Redken Color Extend Conditioner

Cranberry oil is the chosen natural ingredient for this well-rounded conditioner. It’s built to fight the four causes of fading, making it a handy choice for those who love to be in the outdoors.


Intense Shading

Redken uses the Fade Resist Complex in its formula and is built to fight the four causes of fading: water, poor cuticle condition, environmental aggressors, and color-altering materials.

Strengthens Color and Structure

The presence of cranberry oil enhances the hair color while ceramide promotes deep conditioning of the hair strands, which increases their strength.


Redken’s conditioner also has a cuticle smoothing formula for intense hydration that makes your hair color really pop.


The newest product line uses a new formula that some claim to be worse than the original. The new formula doesn’t do as well when it comes to detangling hair.

Is Redken For You?

To get the maximum effect, it’s best if you’re also using the brand’s color shampoo. Moreover, you’ll need Redken’s Fade Resist Complex if you’re often exposed to the four causes of color fading.


  • Prevents hair color from fading
  • Conditions and nourishes hair strands
  • Reduces frizz


  • Can’t completely detangle hair

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Conditioner

This luxurious conditioner turns back the time for your dry and damaged hair with ingredients that also add hair volume and thickness.


Restores Hair Health

Sufficient moisturizing and anti-aging formula can restore even heat damage on dead and dry hair.

Those with grey hair can benefit the most since they often get their fine hair colored. Yet, this hair type has its own needs that are not the same as when it was naturally colored.

Increases Hair Volume

Along with restoring the hair structure, ingredients like Omega-3 and sea silk hydrates fortifies the hair strands’ ability to retain moisture. This helps improve hair texture and won’t cause hair fall.


Despite the benefits stated above, some customers have reported dry scalp and some increased hair fall after using Alterna Caviar.

Is Alterna Caviar For You?

Alterna Caviar is beneficial for everyone who usually gets their fine hair colored, either due to grey hairs or thinning hair.

Not only is this a color-safe one, it will also improve your hair texture and volume.


  • Nourishes the hair strands
  • Adds volume to hair


  • Can cause scalp dryness and hairfall for some users

How to Choose the Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

How to choose

For those with color-treated hair, they need to invest in a conditioner that prevents color fading or, better yet, enhances the shade after use.

However, more factors come into play if you want the best conditioner for color-treated hair.

Consider Your Hair Type

Hair conditioners are meant to restore the moisture in your locks after you’ve washed it. So, the effectiveness of the conditioner relies on your hair type.

Is your hair curly or straight? Take note that no everyone has the same hair type and thus, curly conditioners aren’t effective for straight hair types.

Since we’re talking about dyed hair, your hair strands have been treated with chemicals and pigments to get the right shade.

Afterward, salons usually add treatment to the hair so it’s smooth and manageable, too.

But once you retire for the day, you’ll have to wash your hair and scalp, removing your hair’s protection from the salon’s treatment.

This is when your hair conditioner saves the day. It acts as a daily treatment for your chemically treated hair.

Coloring hair tends to result in finer and more brittle hair, no matter what hair type you originally had. We also strongly discourage you from dyeing your hair twice in a day because of this. 

It gets even finer when you regularly get your hair dyed, especially if you opt for a lighter color shade and your hair has to get bleached first.

In short, you will end up with dry and damaged hair. The best way to take care of it is to get a good moisture shampoo and, of course, the right conditioner for the type of hair you have.

For over-colored hair, consider doing some DIY techniques to repair hair breakage from bleaching.

Types of Conditioners for Color-Treated Hair


The easiest way to choose reliable conditioners for color-treated hair is to find brands that are known to have specialized products for them, such as Shu Uemura.

But if you’re looking for a wider array of options, you can simply check the label for signs that say “for color-treated hair” or “for chemically treated hair.”

But even within those categories, your potential list is still miles long and some good conditioners don’t carry those labels even though they’re also effective for color-treated hair.

Here are some common types to consider during your search:

  • Hydrating/Moisturizing – adds shine and smoothes colored hair but won’t weigh it down too much; great for those with coarse or curly hair.
  • Smoothing/Straight Hair – extra moisturizing and contains smoothing agents that seal the cuticle and provide a smooth foundation for straight hairstyles
  • Heavily Damaged Hair – promotes repair, frizz, and tangle control; the best for highlighted hair and protects hair from heat damage.
  • Deep Conditioning – for use around 1-4 times every month to manage hair damage and give strength to your tresses

The Best Type of Hair Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

To delve deeper into which products will be the best for you, keep in mind that the best ones are also paraben and sulfate free.

There’s a special emphasis on sulfate-free because sulfates, in particular, can decrease your hair color’s life as well as the strength and quality of your hair itself.

And if you’re looking to further upgrade your beauty regimen, look for additional ingredients that preserve moisture such as natural plant and fruit oils. Think sunflower seed extract or coconut oil.

You might also want to get products that provide other benefits like UV protection, which contributes to better retention of your highlights and new hair color.



#1 How do I apply shampoo and conditioner the right way?

Shampoo and conditioner differ in function and consistency. You don’t use shampoo and conditioner the same way. Here’s a refresher and see if you’re doing it right:

  • Wash your color-treated hair with a good shampoo. Make sure to completely rinse the shampoo out afterward.
  • Check the directions on the conditioner bottle and use the recommended amount, which is usually a coin-sized amount.
  • Apply the conditioner as evenly as you can on your hair starting from the chin level then down.
  • To really work it in, run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your hair.
  • Leave the product on for around a minute, or for however long is indicated in the directions.
  • After the specified time has passed, rinse the conditioner off thoroughly.

In many cases, a shampoo and conditioner comes in a package when you buy them. Getting a shampoo and conditioner set that’s formulated for colored hair is probably the best option you can get. 

We particularly recommend that you get a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so that they’ll be gentle on delicate strands.

#2 More tips on meeting your color-treated hair needs:

There’s more to preserving your hair color than just shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. We’ve listed some more advice for fuss-free hair care:

Beat the Heat

Using chemicals and hair color-preserving agents can make hair more fragile so take extra care whenever you straighten, blow-dry, or curl your hair.

It’s best to limit heat styling to just once a week or even less on color-treated hair.

If you need to do more frequent styling, prevent heat damage by using high-quality heat protectants. They usually come in the form of mists that you spray on before getting styled.

Condition Deeply

Colored hair needs a lot of moisture and restorative components to give each strand enough strength to withstand possible breakage. This is why we said that the shampoo and conditioner you choose is important.

We’ve listed a lot of quality conditioners for color-treated hair but you should also be aware of special deep conditioners that are made for heavily damaged hair.

It’s best to use them just once a week and follow the specified directions to improve your hair’s strength. Also, make sure that both your shampoo and conditioner contain nourishing ingredients to restore hair moisture.

Trim Your Hair Length

Since we know that colored hair is in need of more strength to weather all environmental aggressors, it’s just easier to have your hair regularly trimmed for split ends.

It’s impossible to completely avoid them but you can improve your hair’s overall look by trimming them off.

With regular trimming, you can grow out your hair since your stylist will only need to chop off a smaller length.

Protect Proactively

We highly suggest that you purchase the best shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for already treated hair.

Sometimes, you just need to think ahead with your schedule and find simple yet effective ways to minimize the damage.

Since your colored hair is weak to the sun’s rays and chemicals like chlorine, bring a hat and tie up your hair the next time you head to the beach or local pool.

Also, make sure to invest in the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair. Choose the best shampoos and conditioners that won’t further the damage that your hair has already undergone during the dyeing process.

The Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair


Now that we’ve reached the end of our guide, it’s time to unveil the winning choice that will let your colored lock show their max beauty!

For our own pick, it’s the Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner for its premium ingredients and color enhancing properties. But if you’re no redhead, consider our just as effective runners-up.

If you’re dealing with hair that’s been through a series of heat styling and coloring, Olaplex is your best bet to restore strength to your mane.

But if you’re looking for something that you can use daily without breaking the bank, Moroccanoil can give you all the benefits you need.

Used any of the products we’ve recommended? Drop us a quick comment below!

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