September 25, 2020

9 Best Hot Rollers for Fine, Long, and Short Hair

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Hot rollers have been around for decades. They are the darlings of hairstyling. Sure, they’ve evolved throughout the years with the advancement of technology.

But you can’t deny the nostalgia it brings.

At least once in your life (while thinking about hot rollers), I’m sure the image that pops in your head are those lovely ladies in the ’60s with their beautiful and luscious curly or wavy hair!

Today, hot rollers are still very much sought after in the beauty industry.

There’s one for every hair type! Who wouldn’t want to look that classic and chic?

In this article, we’ll save you the trouble and listed the best hot rollers for short, long, and fine hair you can quickly get your hands on.

Here we’ve listed 9 of the best hot rollers you can get your hands on to date.

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Best Hot Rollers for Fine Hair

What is Fine Hair?

People oftentimes confuse fine hair with thin hair. But that is not always the case. Fine hair is softer, more delicate, and smoother compared to coarse and thick hair types.

Things to Consider

The goal for hot rollers for people with more delicate hair is to create more volume while protecting a hair strand from static electricity, split ends, and other forms of hair damage.

We advise being wary when using a blow dryer and harmful hair products too. Natural argan oil can help strengthen fine hair.

Regardless of hair length, you want to consider a hot roller that is frizz-free and produces gentle and balanced heat.

Best for Fine Hair

Why We Love It:

Top on our list is the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hair Setter. This is favored among all hair lengths, mainly because of its molecular steam technology.


Pour some distilled water in the steam pod. Place the foam rollers in the pod until it heats up nicely. Roll them up your hair and securely fasten them with the preferred plastic shield clips.

Steam is healthy for your hair. It locks in moisture and does not heat it enough to create dry hair or give your hair any damage.

It’s exactly why it is the top choice for those with fine and sensitive hair. Although, even other hair types have favorable experiences with the Caruso.


This hot rollers compact set boasts being able to produce heat three times more than most brands. In spite of the heat, with its ionic technology, the ions produced keep hair healthy and strong.

The set includes 30 rollers (6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large, and 6 jumbo) for styling flexibility. Having a lot of rollers also allows you to get the job done at once. Setting curls could be tedious.

It is made with dual voltage. This means you can plug it anywhere safely.

A lot of women look for this feature, especially when they need to bring hot rollers on an out-of-town trip or event. It comes with a decent storage bag for easy handling too.

In just 5 minutes or so, you’ll get layer after layer of bouncy curls, ready to turn heads at the party!


  • Healthy steam retains moisture and reduced dryness
  • Variety of roller barrel sizes for versatility
  • Come with plastic shields
  • Effective, long-lasting curls
  • Produces more heat than most tools
  • Portability for travel convenience


  • A bit noisy
  • Will need replacements when used with regular frequency

Why We Love It:

The T3 garnered Allure’s Best of Beauty Award in 2016. With its excellent heat technology that creates sensational and balanced curls, no doubt it well deserves this reputation. T3 also holds awards for its signature hairdryers.


This hot roller features ceramic and tourmaline technology that produces far-infrared heat that results in a trifecta of quality curls: volume, shape, and extra shine.

Aesthetically, this device has an excellent looking design, casing, and charging base. It’s not as important as its functionality; nonetheless, a nice bonus.

These hot rollers also come with a CoolGrip insulated rim and soft flocking, making the curling process a breeze. It also comes with 8 crease-free punch clips to keep the rolls in place.


The T3 Micro Voluminous hot roller features two temperatures you can control.

It heats fast and retains curls for a longer-lasting body. This is ideal for fine hair because it keeps it frizz-free. All in all, its features naturally condition your hair cuticles to maintain hair health and avoid damages.

It is, however, essential to note that this is a set of 8 large and jumbo hot rollers. The barrel length is no less than 1-inch each too.

Ideally, this is meant for people with fine and long hair. If you need more curlers, you will have to buy them separately.

Imagine how lovely you’ll look with those luxurious beach waves or spring curls, with a cute little outfit!


  • Tourmaline that creates far infrared heating prevents hair damage
  • Dual temperature settings
  • Rollers are soft flocked for easy handling
  • Large curlers for fine and long hair
  • Effectively produces luscious curls and waves
  • 2-year warranty


  • Barrel diameter might be too big
  • A bit heavy in weight
  • Only 8 curlers

Why We Love It:

The Conair is no stranger to the hair industry. These instant heat ceramic flocked rollers come in jumbo and superjumbo sizes for big, bold, and bouncy curls.

Do you want to style your hair like the salon women in the 60’s? Give this a shot!


The roller set comes in 12 instant heat ceramic flocked rollers with 2 sizes: 8 1.5-inch jumbo rollers and 4 1.75-inch super jumbo rollers.

These hot rollers are small enough to put on shorter lengths but big enough to lift up the roots of your hair shaft too. This is a good choice for adding a lot of volume and bounce in fine short hair.


These heated rollers have a 5-ft long cord for ease of use and are stored in a compact plastic box. They’re great to take on your vacation.

The ceramic heating technology is primarily the reason why this device is great for fine hair types.

It applies heat very gently. It also boasts an 85-second fast heat-up system that allows you to save time too.

A strong and secure hold is key to successfully getting lovely curls on short hair.

Luckily, the Conair Xtreme already comes with Super Clips to keep tresses in place. The double velvet flocked surface on these hot rollers also aid in easing the curling process as well as not create more frizz.


  • Ceramic heating technology for hair care
  • Portability and effortless storage
  • 85-second fast heat-up for time-saving
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not a lot of hot roller sizes to choose from

Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

What is Long Hair?

Long hair is anything below your shoulder length. Having longer hair gives you plenty of opportunities and methods to style your hair with. But it can also take a lot of time to do so.

Things to Consider

Longer hair is vulnerable to knots and split ends, so get hot rollers that have heat protection.

Longer hair types also consume a lot of time to work with. So when choosing a set, make sure you get those that have at least 10 rollers or more.

To get you some elegant curls, you also want to keep the rollers in your hair longer to assure they are nice and luscious.

If your preparation time is limited, expert stylists suggest washing your hair a day in advance, at least.

Best to do the curling process in one go with multiple rollers. Preferably, medium and large sizes for a tighter curl too. Use hair spray to keep its shape.

Best for Long Hair

Why We Love It:

A lot of users experience frustration when it comes to setting hair in a hurry. If you have long hair, honey, patience is primary in most cases.

However, there are exceptional devices that can ease this burden. Do you want to get your hair done in just 10 minutes? The Calista Tools Ion set is your best bet!


For fine and limp hair; however, chances are the clips on this one will lose its grip. You can add more pins to keep them in place. These rollers are a bit heavy and ideally work best with longer and coarser hair.

The hot roller set comes with 12 rollers in 2 different sizes, medium and large. You get butterfly clips in the package too.


Calista boasts a speedy ionic technology heating that allows you to achieve your dream hairstyle faster, without compromising the strength of your hair strands.

They are designed to heat rapidly at the core and maintain it even when the rollers are already in your hair.


  • Quick heating at the base
  • Designed to maintain heat
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with clips


  • The rollers are a bit heavy
  • The clips might slip off on thin and fine hair

Why We Love It:

We love hot rollers that use ionic technology. This type of device creates an extra shiny effect on your resulting curls. It also creates curls without compromising hair follicles.


The Remington has an indicator light that signifies if your tool is safe and ready to curl your hair. It also uses a Cool TouchEnd, so you don’t have to worry about getting skin burns.

Comfort color-coded metal clips are already part of the set. These are great at keeping your hair and ceramic rollers in place, especially for longer lengths.


If you are bothered by tangles, these rollers help create a smooth and silky look, again because of its ionic conditioning technology.

Of course, it would help if you’ve applied some quality shampoos and conditioners beforehand too.

This set comes with 3 sizes of Teflon rollers with a thermal wax core (4 pieces of 20 mm, 10 pieces of 23 mm, and 6 pieces of 27 mm). It also has a longer cord of 1.8 meters.


  • Affordable
  • Ready Dot indicator makes it safe to use
  • Ionic Technology for less static
  • Cool TouchEnd
  • Ceramic made curler for better distribution of heat
  • Comes with comfort clips


  • Not a lot of roller sizes to choose from
  • Has an unpleasant smell at first
  • Does not switch off automatically

Why We Love It:

Do you want to have that trendy beachy hairstyle? The Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave rollers can do the trick for you!


The Revlon rollers were explicitly designed to create beachy waves for longer hair types. The 12 piece roller set has extra long lengths and is medium and large in barrel diameter size.

The package comes with hair clips rather than pins to keep hair in place. They know exactly how difficult it could get to roll longer and coarser hair. As a bonus, the set is stored in a nice pouch.


Its heating parts contain an indicator that turns white when the ideal temperature is achieved.

These rollers are quick at heating compared to your average rollers. This makes it very suitable for longer hair types. It will usually take you 15 minutes to cool the rollers down and set your hair completely.


  • Fast heating
  • Rollers are extra long
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with


  • Rollers made of plastic
  • Heat distribution not so efficient
  • Only 12 rollers

Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair

What is Short Hair?

Short hair can either be defined at ear length or chin length. Chin length cuts are those stylish bobs and retro looks.

They look great with texture and layers, which require hot rollers to get them in shape.

Things to Consider

If you wish to style your short hair with hot rollers, they should be at least below the chin or above the shoulders.

Shoulder length is fine too. Those would be considered medium in length already.

It’s tough to find hot rollers for short hair as most are designed for longer hair lengths. It’s even harder to find these tools, especially for short and coarse hair.

The factor to consider, mainly apart from avoiding any hair damage, of course, is finding a hair styling tool that has a sturdy grip.

It’s great to find innovations from the traditional hot rollers we know of from our grandmothers and mothers, though. Many companies have ventured to address this need for short hair types.

Best for Short Hair

Why We Love It:

With another Conair product coming onto our list, it’s no doubt the brand is renowned in the cosmetics and beauty industry. The Conair Compact Multi-size rollers are one of our favorite picks and the brand’s hot sellers.


The design is pretty innovative to create full volumes, even on short hair. It also uses ionic technology to create an incredible shine and protect fine hair from damage.

The Conair compact multi-size rollers are small and lightweight, yet are very powerful. The set is easy to carry around and take on trips.


The Conair Compact product line are soft rollers that only take two minutes to heat up.

The set of multiple-sized rollers are: 8 small, 6, medium, and 6 large rollers. You have something to match whatever hairstyle you want to have. These are effective at making tight and neat curls, medium curls, and even loose curls.


  • Quick heating
  • Comes in dual heat feature
  • Ceramic and Ionic technology for fine hair protection
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Heat resistant roller ends
  • Extended cord


  • Does not automatically shut off
  • Made of plastic and may burn when over-heated

Why We Love It:

Do you have short fine hair? Not an easy combination to style with. But with the Infinitipro as one of the best hot rollers on our list, you can get dimensional curls from tiny and tight, to big and bouncy!


This roller set includes 20 rollers in different sizes, small (3/4-inch), medium (1-inch) and large (1 ¼-inch), and jumbo, and 20 plastic jay clips.

This variety of sizes allows you to get more defined curls for both short and medium length hair. Did I mention it only takes 2 minutes to heat?


These hair rollers are powered with a real ionic generator to reduce static electricity and prevent frizz.

Its parts are made of ceramic, and its barrels are flocked with velvet sheets to avoid any damage to your cuticles and add extra smoothness.

It also has twelve temperature settings to choose from. Doesn’t that sound great?


  • Ceramic and ionic technology prevents heat damage and frizz
  • Far infrared heating is great for fine hair
  • Flocked barrels for heat retention and protection
  • Quick heating
  • 12 temperature and speed settings
  • A variety of roller sizes
  • Great storage
  • Retractable cord


  • None we could find

Why We Love It:

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller is quite a set. It comes with 20 hot rollers, 20 butterfly clips, and 20 metal clips. What a steal!


The rollers come in three different sizes: six small rollers, six medium rollers, and eight large rollers. Because they heat up quite quickly, they are also ideal for longer hair lengths. But they work just fine with short and medium lengths too.


Unlike others on the list, this is actually a professional titanium roller hair setter. They make good quality curls at an instant.

These flocked rollers heat with far infrared that allows an even distribution of heat. This makes it one of our best hot rollers on the list for coming up with healthy, bouncy, smooth, and shiny hair. However, it does come with a price.


  • Quick heating hair rollers
  • Easy to use
  • Curls are long-lasting
  • Very comprehensive set of rollers and clips
  • Durable
  • Technology protects even fine hair


  • Pricey

What are Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers are hair styling tools used to make different sized curls depending on your hair type.

It may be short, medium or long, coarse, or fine. You’re free to style them any way you want too.

The resulting curls are perfect to wear along with makeup and a dashing outfit to every special occasion.

Using Hot Rollers

Curling irons would give you similar results. But hot rollers have proved to provide longer-lasting curls to get you through even the afterparty!

To use hot rollers as a styling tool effectively, prepping hair is key. You can use a spray mist or setting mousse.

Do this after washing and patting your hair dry.

With a comb, take portions of your hair and place the hot roller on the hair ends and gently roll it. Use different sized rollers for various curl styles.

Set the hot rollers on your head. After a few minutes of heating, you may then remove the rollers and unveil its lovely waves.

Style them as you want, and now you’re ready to party!

Why Does the Length of Hair Matter When Choosing Hot Rollers Size?

Hot rollers were designed accordingly to fit specific hair lengths. Barrel diameter and barrel length vary depending on the kinds of curls you want too.

Large or jumbo rollers are best for longer hair. While smaller and narrower barrels for short hair. Common sense, the narrower barrels allow short hair to fold over the roll more frequently.

For bigger, loose ringlets and waves, go for the larger rollers. If you want tight curls and coils, then go for the smaller rollers.

Styling your manes is a matter of creativity, though. So, it’s pretty alright if you mix and match different sized curls for your look. The longer your hair length, the more you can do.

Types of Roller Technologies

Rollers have evolved throughout the years to cater to the growing needs of the market.

Rollers use different materials and technologies to address concerns like frizz and heat damage. Here are the types of hair setters you can purchase in the market:

Ionic Rollers

This is currently everyone’s go-to hot roller. It delivers excellent performance addressing the concern of frizz.

How it works is its heating element infuses the rollers with negative ions.

This reduces the static electricity and friction when you roll the curlers in. You’re bound to see the difference in hair quality, especially if you’ve tried using plastic ones.

The results of your curls are smoother, yet still voluminous. Ionic rollers keep the shape of your curls for a longer time too. This type of roller is ideal for fine hair.

Molecular Steam Rollers

If your hair already has issues with dryness and heat damage, the molecular steam system is perfect for you.

Each roller is covered in foam sheets.

These absorb the steam generated by the steam pod. Hair can benefit from steam as it aids in creating the shape of your beautiful curls while retaining its natural oils and moisture.

Tourmaline Rollers

Tourmaline products, including hair dryers, have been the recent fad, taking people’s money like hotcakes.

Tourmaline emits far-infrared rays that are gentle on limp hair. This assures that your hair is protected from any unwanted heat damage.

It has healing properties that position it at a good selling point. As a result, you get really smooth curls and waves.

We do note that tourmaline rollers are heavier than others. It might be challenging to secure the rollers on your head. Many manufacturers are still working on this issue.

Ceramic Rollers

Just like tourmaline, ceramic rollers emit infrared rays for gentler manipulation of hair. Ceramic rollers are the earlier versions of infrared technology and are still hot on the market today.

These are perfect for fine hair but can be used on any hair length just fine. You’ll get silky looking curls with these rollers in no time!


A set of hot rollers make a great addition to your collection of cosmetic and beauty tools. I mean, who wouldn’t want bold, luscious, and healthy-looking curls and waves all the time?

Always remember when considering the best set of hot rollers to buy, think about factors like your hair length, desired outcome of curls, existing hair problems, and the technology you are comfortable with.

With reference to our list, we recommend the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hair Setter for fine hair, the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers for long hair, and the Infinitipro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers for short hair.

These three deliver gorgeous quality curls and have earned a number of positive feedback all over the internet.

But even with our recommendations and reviews, we highly encourage having a test run to see which hot rollers suit you the most.

On the flip side of things, if you’re looking for something that can straighten hair, then check out our article on Heated Hair Straightening Brushes.

For any questions and thoughts, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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