January 22, 2021

6 Best Makeup Kits: Contouring, Highlighting, Travel

6 Best Makeup Kits
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Makeup kits are great for anyone who’s looking for the convenience of having everything in one place.

They’re also perfect for having makeup colors that are carefully curated by professionals to complement each other! Not only are these great for beginners and those who love to do makeup casually, but they’re also every professional makeup artist’s best friend!

In this article, we listed down the top makeup kit for different needs.

Whether you’re a professional, beginner, or someone who just loves to do makeup, take a look at this list and see what makeup kit is perfect for your situation!

Best for Travel
BR Deluxe Makeup Palette
Our Pick
SHANY Harmony Makeup Kit
Best for Professionals
SHANY Masterpiece Makeup Set
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6 Best Makeup Kits

SHANY All-In-One Harmony Makeup Kit

Our Pick

The SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit has over 3600 reviews on Amazon. This kit is tried, tested, and reviewed by a lot of makeup enthusiasts, and they love it!

What makes this kit stand out is the wide range of highly pigmented colors. This has everything you need for a full look and you’ll surely find a way to get a professional makeup look in the end!

With 98 shimmer and 70 pastel eyeshadows, you have everything you need to find the right color for your eye makeup needs.

This has 6 lip colors, 3 blushes, and a full set of applicators. Expect to get 7 sponge brushes, 2 lip brushes, 1 blush makeup brush, and even a big mirror that’s attached on the inside.

What’s also great about this kit is how great the design is. Each layer can be shifted out to the sides to reveal the lower layers underneath, and you’ll have a look at all beauty products in one glance.

To store it, you can easily slide all the layers to the center and close the box. Once it’s closed, there are two handles on the top, making it a makeup bag that’s great for traveling and also as a beauty gift!

This all-in-one makeup kit is a great standard for any beauty makeup product and it does not disappoint!


  • Wide range of highly pigmented colors
  • Affordable makeup kit
  • Cruelty-free
  • Makeup bag is suitable for travel
  • Comes with 10 applicators


  • Has minimal neutral and nude colors

BR Deluxe Makeup Palette

Best for Travel

Travel often or looking for a great starter makeup kit? This innovative beauty kit by BR is a great choice that gives you everything you need on-the-go or when you’re jumping into the world of makeup!

What makes this beauty kit great is how compact and clever the design is. When you take a look inside, it has two swing-open layers that slide to the sides, revealing 6 lip gloss, 2 double-ended smudgers, mascara, eyeliner, and brushes underneath!

When you look on the top layers, you’ll see 26 shades of eyeshadow and 6 shades of bronzer, blusher, and face powders. These are more than enough to experiment with and figure out what color combinations work great for your skin.

On top of that, this also comes with a mirror which is perfect for traveling. It even has a pull-out layer at the bottom that has a highlighter and setting powder!

This is a great all-in-one, travel-friendly makeup kit for starters and frequent travelers! It’s also a great gift for fans of lip gloss.


  • Great for starters
  • Convenient makeup kit for traveling
  • Adequate color options
  • Comes with makeup tools and lip gloss
  • Affordable


  • Limited colors might not be for you

SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All-In-One Makeup Set

Best for Professionals

If you’re a professional makeup artist who’s looking for great makeup kits, then look no further because this beauty kit has everything you need for your expertise!

Inside this compact makeup box are 4 eyeshadow palettes, 2 face palettes, and one lip palette. We particularly love the lip palette because you can choose whatever lipstick shade you want.

This makeup kit also has a great design with each eyeshadow palette slotting neatly in 6 different layers like they’re drawers! Each eyeshadow palette is labeled and makes navigation and application easy and efficient for you!

All makeup in this makeup kit are high-quality, high-pigmented, and designed to suit a wide range of skin tones. This is great for professionals who don’t want to worry if they’re lacking any colors for their clients.

All these shades can be mixed and blended as you see fit, which is perfect for achieving the perfect color in any situation! Achieving that professional look for your clients has never been easier.


  • Wide range of color combinations
  • High-pigmented colors
  • Works great for any skin tone
  • Efficient design
  • Cruelty-free makeup kit


  • Expensive

SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit

Best for Beginners and Teens

If you’re trying to look for a great makeup kit for teens that would also make a great gift set, then this Glamour Girl beauty kit by SHANY is a great option!

With 48 highly-pigmented eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, and 4 blushes, everything you need to start out with makeup is in here!

What’s great about this product is that it also comes with 5 double-sided applicators and makeup brushes.

This is perfect to give for those who don’t have any makeup tools themselves! With a simple layout, a variety of eyeshadow colors, and a few options for blushes and lip gloss, this makeup kit is simple enough for teens and young girls!


  • Easy to navigate
  • Adequate color variety
  • Comes with brushes and lip gloss
  • Affordable makeup kit
  • Cruelty-free


  • Has less blusher and lip color options 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

Best Compact Option

For those looking for a quick solution to apply makeup, then this face and eyeshadow palette by Charlotte Tilbury is a great and easy option!

The shades on this makeup kit are perfect for those who want to have a natural makeup look that blends well with your skin tone. It’s also great for getting a classic smoky eye effect!

What’s great about this makeup set by Charlotte Tilbury is that it has everything you need in a compact case that easily fits inside your purse. The layout is great too, having labeled pans that make it easy for navigation and application.

Another bonus is that this set includes the iconic Bar of Gold highlighter shade by Charlotte Tilbury! It’s definitely one of the top makeup sets you can purchase.


  • Fits inside your purse
  • Easy to use makeup kit
  • Neutral shades work great for most people


  • Expensive
  • Limited options might not be for you

SHANY 96 Color Runway Matte Eye Shadow Palette

Best Eye Shadow Kit

If you’re trying to look for a great makeup kit for eyeshadow shades instead of a full kit for makeup, then this eyeshadow palette by SHANY has everything you need!

With 96 different colors, this makeup kit has the most colors compared to a lot of eyeshadow palettes out there. Ranging from hot, neutral, and cool shades, this makeup kit can give you a dramatic or natural professional look!

This is perfect to use for competitions, events, recitals, and is even a great pick-up for professional makeup artists! All the eyeshadows you’ll ever need are in this eyeshadow palette.

This is also a great makeup gift set for any teen or adult who wants to experiment or try on new colors of eye shadows!


  • Variety of color shades
  • Affordable makeup gift set
  • Comes with a mirror
  • Cruelty-free


  • Doesn’t come with an eyeshadow makeup brush

What is the Best Makeup Kit to Buy?

To Buy

The top makeup kits can vary for each person, but there are a couple of factors you can consider if you want to find out which makeup kit is best for you.


The range of colors and products that a makeup kit has is important to narrow down which makeup kit is best for you.

If you have a lot of experience with makeup, you can go for one that has hundreds of colors and other products that you can combine. If you’re only looking for something more specific like eyeshadow, then there are makeup kits that are designed just for that.

On the other hand, if you’re not looking to use a specific type of makeup like eyeshadow, buying a kit that has this won’t be put to use and this section will just go to waste.

Although, if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what makeup to use, then you can go for smaller makeup kits that have enough to get the job done.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is another factor you should consider when buying the right makeup kit.

Depending on your skin tone, you should know what hues match well with your complexion. If you don’t have much experience, knowing the right hues for your skin tone can be tricky.

It’s also important to know what your undertone is which is different from your skin tone. The different undertones are classified as cool, warm, and neutral.

To know which undertone you have, just check the color of your veins.

Blue/purple veins mean you have a cool undertone, while green veins mean you have a warm undertone. A mix of both vein colors would mean you have a neutral undertone.

When it comes to your actual skin tone, these are usually classified as fair, light, medium, tan, olive, dark, and deep. With fair being the lightest skin tone and deep being the darkest skin tone.

Now that you’ve narrowed down what undertone and skin tone you have, here’s a simple guide of the colors that complement different tones and undertones well.

Fair-Light Skin Tones

You probably have a cool undertone, so subtle pink hues such as peach, coral, and baby pink work best. Avoid harsh and pigmented colors because these would stand out too much.

Medium-Tan Skin Tones

For lighter medium skin tones, nude and neutral hues work great. For darker medium tones like tan, shades of gold, honey, and bronze work great too.

Those with medium tones will find it easier to match all sorts of hues with their complexion.

Olive Skin Tones

Those with olive skin tones can range from light to dark and have undertones that are neutral or warm. This is the trickiest skin tone and you might need to do some trial and error.

Although, common suggestions would be colors of rosy pink, terracotta, and teal.

Dark-Deep Skin Tones

For those with dark skin, you’ll find dark color hues like chestnut, plum, bronze, burgundy, and reddish-browns to work great.

Brighter colors look great too, especially for those with deep skin tones!


The size of the makeup kit is also a factor you might want to consider.

If you’re looking for a makeup kit that’s easy to bring when you travel or place inside your purse, then you should go for more compact and convenient make up kits. Travel size makeup kits are good if you’re always on-the-go.

It would also be great to pick products with built-in mirrors and storage compartments because these are even more travel-friendly! A starter kit usually comes in a travel size.

Otherwise, you can opt for full size kits and gift sets for more tools and products.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

There are a lot of products these days that are cruelty-free and vegan, and makeup products are no exception. If this is a factor for you, then a lot of makeup brands avoid any animal testing and using any animal by-products for their makeups.

We listed down makeup kits that are cruelty-free and vegan to make things easier for you.

What Makeup Kit is Best for Beginners?

for Beginner

For the top makeup kits for beginners, teens, and young girls, there are a few factors you can consider when picking the right kit.

First, you should look for a simple kit in terms of color options and layouts. You don’t want any confusion by having a kit that has too many colors and pans everywhere.

On the other hand, it won’t be a bad idea to have enough colors that they can experiment with. This can help them figure out what colors work best for their complexion and for their makeup routine!

A kit with around 20-50 shades is a good range to start with. Once they figure out the best colors for them, smaller makeup kits with specific colors or bigger makeup kits with a lot of blendable colors will soon work well for them too!

Another thing you might want to consider is if the kit comes with makeup tools like brushes and applicators. It’ll be convenient if these come with the kit especially if they’re starting out and don’t have any makeup tools yet.

You can also look for other extra makeup inclusions like an eyebrow pencil, brow gel, eye pencil, and lip liner. A good starter kit would contain as much easy-to-use tools as possible.



Overall, our top pick would be SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit. With thousands of ratings on amazon.com, this makeup set swears to be the best-selling and most wished makeup and gift set of all time. With what it brings to the table, that claim sits well with us.

For those looking for a travel-friendly kit, then the BR Deluxe Makeup Palette is a perfect choice. It’s innovative design and layout gives it a convenient size that’s perfect for those who frequently travel. What’s great is that it still has a wide variety of colors and comes with other beauty makeup tools, making it a great gift set too!

If you’re a professional looking for a kit that would suit your expertise, then the SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set has everything you need for a professional makeup set. With a wide range of blendable colors and an efficient kit layout, this one is a beauty standard when it comes to professional makeup kits!

If you’re more into that sculpted look, then check out our Best Contour Kits article for more options.

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