Best Travel Outfit + Giveaway (CLOSED)

Horaaaay! Thank you Sartorial Gods, I have finally discovered the perfect way to achieve chic comfort while traveling! Well, my perfection in my personal preference at least. This outfit has all the essentials of a fuss free “I’m-ready-to-explore-the-world-yet-I-still-look-cute” kind of vibe. The best part? It’s so effortless!

1. Hair Up- Up in a bun and away from your face. You sweat less if it’s hot, you fidget less if it’s windy, and well- you basically just have an easier time with it all tied up! Try going for a slight messy bun to keep that je ne sais quoi quality.

2. Sunnies- When I’m out of the country, I hate applying make up. The less I have on, the better. Especially when it’s hot and humid out. So my solution involves a pair of chic sunnies to hide whatever you want to hide. Plus, with your hair up in a bun, it looks less intimidating and more appropriate.

3. Red Lips- Since I have nothing on my face, I have messy hair and I am not perfect- red lips saves the day. It makes you look polished (or like you made some sort of effort to get ready) no matter how much of a lie that is!

4. Dump all bag- As much as I love carrying sling bags when I travel, there just isn’t one big enough (or cute enough) to carry my camera and phones and external charger and everything I don’t want to leave in the hotel room. Plus, medium sized bags like this allow you to store your small purchases without having to bring a million shopping bags!

5. Slip on shoes- Heels are gorgeous in photos, but at the end of the day, when you can’t stand straight and your feet feel like crumbling up and dying, big ass regret sets in. Believe me, it’s not worth it. Wear comfy slips in a cute print instead!

6. No wire underwear- Girls, one of the best feelings I always have after a long busy day is when I take off my bra and feel freeeee. If you’re set for a day of adventure or a full exploration itinerary, it might be a good idea to leave the wire at home and go for a comfier alternative.

7. Slip on dress- Plain ones allow you to match whatever accessory (+ bag + shoes) you’re bringing. They’re also sooo much easier to deal with when shopping or peeing (while carrying a ton of bags). And most importantly, they are so damn comfortable, you won’t even remember you’re wearing it!


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Sheinside dress, Triangl Swimwear bra, Givenchy bag, Nialaya bracelets (20% discount code under “kryz”), Triwa sunglasses, Titan Watch, Steve Madden slips

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