June 21, 2020

Better late than never

Last Updated on June 21, 2020 by Paola Diaz

I know we’re about a month behind on the favorites for May, but as you know- life’s little surprises sometimes change our plans 😉

As most of you know, exactly 19 days ago, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. As much as I want to share every minute with everyone, adjusting to the new mommy life is currently taking over me. Spell 🧟‍♀️.

I pre-filmed this video days before popping because I always look forward to sharing my favorites with you- even if it’s the most random thing in the world. This month, we have some interesting contenders: from my new favorite past-time (that I miss doing so much now!) to a few products that I brought with me in my hospital bag. Did anyone say What’s in my Hospital Bag? Stay tuned cause I’m sharing that with you soon!

I haven’t done a sit-down video in a while, so I hope that you’ll enjoy this one! It’s a chatty one! Happy Sunday and stay safe, everyone! x

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