January 29, 2020


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Turning 30 is CRAZY. I stiill feel 26!!! This huge milestone sounds super intimidating, but here we are! People always say they want to stay 18 or be forever 21, but I actually really love growing up. There are so many new things I learn every single day, and life just keeps getting better and better! So to those of you scared to turn another year older – embrace it! It’s actually quite awesome when you do!

The #BloggerBesties are in town!!! It’s been a full year since we were all complete- the last one being my wedding back in February 2019! I can’t believe they all flew in for my 30th birthday! Knowing they’d all be here, I tried my best to make the #Skypod their mini hotel, and planned a gender reveal as a 2-in-1 celebration with some close friends and family to make their trip extra SULIT! So happy to have everyone I love experience this magical weekend with Slater and I!

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