November 29, 2020

Bite update, gifts for christmas

If you’ve been following my vlogs or Instagram stories ( these past few weeks, you would probably know about the flea problem we’re currently dealing with in the #Skypod. To answer your questions about my bites, YES, I still have it all over my body 😭 They are slowly getting better though, and I honestly hope that everything will be under control in the coming days. I can’t wait to be back to my normal self and not get panicky every single time I see something fly or move!

As for this vlog though- we’re doing so much more than just bites this time around. Aside from a home office update, and some QT with the hubs and Scottie, I’m also doing a mini gift-giving haul! The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start picking presents for all our loved ones once again! In a portion of this vlog, I’ve partnered up with Kiehl’s Philippines to show you some of the gift sets you can buy online! Super easy to give, and super accessible no matter where you are in the Philippines! They’ve curated gift boxes with travel-sized skincare products (the best sellers!) that’s a really good option for when you don’t know what to give your partner, your family, or your friends! It’s the perfect gift!


Links to the products I mentioned:

Anyways, that would be it for this Sunday! More vlogs are coming soon 👀 What else do you want to see from this channel? Comment down below and I’ll be sure to list them all down!

Watch the full video here:

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  1. Always so pretty, Kryzzie! Been following you even before you get married. Love your porma so much. That classy look! Hope your fleas prob will be completely resolved na. Love your little fam! Stay well!

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