Brilliant Beauty Breakthroughs

It’s quite difficult and intimidating for most of us to sort through the thousands of beauty products available on the market today. There are just so many claims to help you achieve a certain look, and so many ingredients- most we can’t even pronounce! After we find the products we want to try out, the problem of how to apply it comes next! Do we brush it on? Use our hands? Swipe with cotton? It can be so confusing! So how does a simple girl find the right things to put in her beauty bag? I’ve personally hand picked 5 amazing beauty innovations that will help you solve just that!

  1. Chapstick Mixstix

If you open my beauty kit up, it’s overflowing with lippies. That because when I’m lazy to put on make up, or when I want to upgrade my look instantly, a healthy bright looking lip always instantly does the trick. I have all these lipsticks in my bag, and then all these lip balms so that my lips don’t chap.

Most lipsticks in the market with high pigmentation, high staying power and bright colors are Matte, which means they really dry out your lips. Before applying anything on them, I always start with a balm to moisturize.

When I discovered Chapstick Mixstix, I ended up feeling so much fresher! First, because my bag is now so much lighter with less lippies in it. Each Mixstix comes in two flavors, so it’s really space saving, especially when I travel. Second, because I get to pick different flavors to match my mood at any given time. And third, because my lips now come with a soft sweet aftertaste!

  1. Colorscience Sunblock

They say you need to re-apply sunblock every 3-4 hours in order to get maximum protection against the sun. But how do we do that without spoiling our make up, especially if we’re wearing foundation/BB cream/CC cream? This particular sunblock comes in powder form and a brush that makes application a breeze. With no need to pull it apart, you simply brush the powder on to your face and get an instant layer of SPF without the stickiness!

3.Tarte Cheek Stain

I travel a lot and having to bring make up takes a lot of space in my luggage. When it comes to blush, I usually bring it in a powder form and apply it on my face with a brush. With Tarte’s cheek stain, you won’t have to pack those bristles anymore. It’s not like the usual liquid stains that get your hands dirty either. With this, you can instantly swipe a lovely flush across your face without needing any other tool or finger.

  1. Max Factor’s Colour Corrector

Same goes for concealers. This one comes in a pen form, making it easier to reach those tiny creases you might want to conceal.

5. BrowHaus Pen Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be such a pain to apply. It gets on too wet, so you have to close your eyes and let it dry or else it will smudge all over. Precise application is difficult with a brush too. Ever since I discovered Pen Eyeliners though, I’ve never looked back. They give you so much more control, seconds of drying time and just the right pigmentation. 

All these products are so easy to use because of their smart packaging innovations. I wonder what they will come up with next. A sponge with foundation? Cotton pads with Toner? What else can you think of and which of them can’t you wait to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

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