February 21, 2021

Chinese New Year with the #SKYFAM

Chinese New Year for the #SKYfam was filled with all sorts of yummy food and fun with the family. We made our favorite breakfast as per usual today, though I think I may have made too much for myself! These days though, little Scottie eats breakfast with mommy already, so I finally have someone to spend my early mornings with! Before you watch, can you guess what I made today? It’s all sorts of yum!

I also finally showed you guys one of the go-to drinks I make, usually for afternoon snack breaks. This time, I had a pretty full day out of the house, so I made it for breakfast. Since I can’t have more than one cup of coffee anymore, I replace my coffee break with a much healthier option. The #BeloCollagen Drink is my refreshing way to bring back my best skin ever. I personally like the melon flavor, but they have it in unflavored too. As you know, collagen is super important as it’s the most abundant substance in our bodies next to water. We lose a lot of it when we age, so we really need to supplement! I know this sounds silly but when I look at Scottie boo’s super soft skin, I’m reminded to drink my collagen! We only age forwards guys, so better to do what we can, am I right? 

You can get the Belo Collagen Drink at the BELO ESSENTIALS ONLINE STORE (beloessentials.com), Watsons or Lazada!

1. Melon Smoothie 5+2 = P700

 2. Unflavoured 5+2 = P568.75 

Finally we went over to my old house to spend time with the UYs. I’m doing that more and more these days because Scottie is really so happy to see and spend time with all of our relatives. We love allowing him to be social too! And as if the day couldn’t get any better- we also brought home Sky bear- finally! I’m happy to announce that she’s finally back in the SKYpod and the SKYfam is finally complete!

Hope you guys enjoy this video!

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  1. Hi! I’m also a breastfeeding mom and I want to try taking collagen supplements too. But it was clearly stated on the box that it’s not safe for pregnant & lactating moms. Did your doctor give you a go signal on this? If so, are there any side effects on our baby? Milk supply perhaps?

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