March 25, 2020

Christmas Tag w/ Slater

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s my favourite time of the year and I’m so happy to get to spend part of it with all of you! In today’s video, we’re doing a Christmas Tag! Slater and I sit down to answer some holiday questions the team came up with. Do we have the same answers? Comment yours down below. Enjoy! Questions:

1. Top 3 favourite Christmas movies?

2. Stay in Pyjamas or dress up for Christmas?

3. Fave holiday food to eat on Christmas?

4. Share a funny Christmas memory.

5. Plans for the holidays?

6. How does it feel spending your first Christmas together as a married couple?

7. Any Holiday traditions you’re looking forward to doing?

8. What Holiday tradition would you like to start with your own family in the future?

9. Christmas wishes?

For those asking, my earrings are from February Lifestyle! You can still check out our Holiday Collection on


Happy Holidays!!!

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