2 years ago

Cruise from Manila to Japan

This cruise from Manila to Japan was not what I expected. First of all, I didn’t expect there to be THAT MUCH PEOPLE (I’m talking hoardes and hoardes of people) translating to long lines at all the restaurants. Second, I didn’t expect to be redirected to another city with notice just one night before we set sail. And lastly, I did not expect to meet and befriend some of the most amazing people- who I ended up blogger training and even celebrated my engagement with! I didn’t expect this trip to be a fun and memorable one, but it surely proved me wrong. Thanks to Jack for being my partner in crime once again and to JNTO for organizing this trip! Enjoy!

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  1. Better late than never, I’ve been quite at social media past few days, but i’m back and so excited to watch this ..
    Yeeey . 🙂 <3 Xo.Xo .

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