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6 Best Curling Brushes for Short Hair

6 Best Curling Brushes for Short Hair

Of course, to keep our crowning hairdo in tip-top shape, we always look for the best tools and products that are right for us.

You might be looking for a convenient alternative to efficiently dry and style, and you’ve stumbled upon the marvelous wonders of using curling tools!

Does easy-to-use, lightweight, and great LOCK IN THOSE LOCKS ring any bells? Well, then you came to the right place!

Looking for the best curling brush for short hair? We’ve rounded them up below.

Best Budget Pick

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler

Best Overall

John Frieda Salon Shape

Best Value

Kaleep Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush

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6 Best Curling Brushes for Short Hair

1. John Frieda Salon Shape: Best Overall

Getting excellent results in a short amount of time is a huge box to tick for hair tools, and the experts at John Frieda don’t disappoint with their offering!

The Salon Shape easily takes the top spot in our list as the best hot air brush for its ease of use and salon-quality results.

Every morning will definitely feel like a professional hair appointment from the comfort of your own home.

How cool is that? We don’t expect any less from our top pick, after all.

It features a PRACTICAL ergonomic design (easy grip), rapid heat up and drying, and Ionic Power to give a healthy and glowing shine to your hair!

For added flexibility, the product also includes 500 watts of power for two heat settings and a cooling!

Hair styling for short hair is definitely a breeze! We couldn’t recommend John Frieda enough as the best curling brush for short hair.


  • Beginner-friendly tool
  • Time-efficient
  • Volumizing
  • Adds shine through advanced ionic technology


  • Can be loud
  • Not ideal for thick strands of hair

2. Kaleep Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush: Best Value

Kaleep Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush

It’s true that things with GREAT VALUE come in small packages.

Kaleep’s One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush offers TREMENDOUS VALUE with its 3-in-1 functionality.

Yes, you heard that right, it’s an all-in-one device! Talk about a HUGE BENEFIT as one of the best hot air brushes for short hair!

This multifunctional curling tool features drying, styling, and volumizing that makes your hair feel great!

We’re not exaggerating that this hot air brush will feel amazing, like never before!

On top of that, the product’s barrel stands out with its tourmaline technology that prevents over-drying and hair damage to keep your hair healthy and styled, just the way you love.

Keep the breakage away and treat your hair today with this all-in-one hot air brush for function and value!


  • Lessens frizz and breakage
  • Durable and safe to use
  • Shines and conditions your hair
  • Has two heat settings
  • Has tourmaline technology to lessen damage


  • Cord doesn’t swivel

3. Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler: Best Budget Pick

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler

We all know that wavy and curly hair can be truly difficult to manage, especially if it’s short.

Hair feels extremely uncontrollable, and you might feel like you’re losing hope in achieving the hairstyle of your dreams.

You may be wondering…

“How can I achieve the hairstyle I’ve been itching to have on a limited budget?”

Of course you can! At such a great price, the Infiniti Pro takes the top spot for best in budget option in our list of hot air brush for short hair.

Why? Because of all the functions it offers, such as:

  • Create full-bodied locks with this easy-to-use rotating hot air brush for that fresh look and great results
  • Get twice the shine and thrice the frizz control with advanced ionic technology
  • Enjoy fullness in styling and drying your hair with the titanium ceramic barrel

We can definitely say this product truly is a holy grail of hot air brushes for short hair in the styling tool world for a low price!


  • Affordable styling tool
  • Comes with a 1.5-inch brush for short hair
  • Easy to grip for styling


  • Tip-less bristles
  • Handle can get too hot if used for too long
  • 110 volt input

4. HOT TOOLS Professional Hot Air Styling Brush

HOT TOOLS Professional Hot Air Styling Brush

Perhaps you want to level up your hair tool arsenal, and you want to turn your styling up a notch?

HOT TOOL’s offering on the Professional Hot Air Brush is ready to lock in those amazing waves (literally)!

This professional, salon-grade curling brush can style and dry your hair efficiently for the parlor finish you’ve been dreaming of!

You know what else that means, right?

You can save a whole lot more on spending $200 – $300 just for a weekend salon trip! Heck, we could use some of that to save some travel fare too!

Boasting topnotch features like curl release functions, soft-grip handles, and tangle-free experiences, this hot air brush surely won’t disappoint to style your hair with!

It works well with fine hair without the fear of damaging it, for peace of mind.


  • Removable 3/4 inch barrel
  • Ball-tipped bristles to gently massage your scalp
  • Ergonomic
  • 7-year warranty


  • Not efficient on long or thicker hair
  • No temperature control

5. Phoebe Curling Iron Brush

Phoebe Curling Iron Brush

If you are someone who’s been looking for a curling brush made specifically for short hair and bangs, then this neat pick is just the right one for you!

This curling brush helps you achieve the perfect short locks you’ve been aiming for with its HIGH-QUALITY NYLON BRISTLES with long tips!

We all know that heat damage is a real struggle in using styling products for short hair, but with this hot air brush, it’s never an issue.

It boasts a ceramic tourmaline barrel to shield your precious hair from damage and automatically shuts off after 60 minutes for your safety, too.

Take note though: Using this on wet hair isn’t recommended. It’s best to dry your hair a little bit.

A curling brush for short hair has never been this safe and easy! So say hello to your new styling tool, and say goodbye to dull and frizzy hair!


  • Barrel has ceramic tourmaline ion technology to shield hair from damage
  • Shuts down after 60 minutes for safety.
  • Dual voltage 100v-240v


  • Can entangle hair
  • Can be tough to clean

6. Revlon Perfect Heat 2"

Revlon Perfect Heat 2

Hair care institution Revlon released an interesting hair tool that can be a good addition to your vanity desk and definitely deserves your attention in this recommendation list for curling brushes.

The Perfect Heat 2″ is a revolutionary product with two styling tools in one.

Allow us to explain that further.

It acts as an efficient dryer and styler in one wand and is a hybrid between a brush and straightening iron.

In other words…

The styling tool is best used on dry hair for optimal results and helps detangle and shine your hair with soft rotating bristles.

Amazing right?

We’re not yet done…

The hair styling wand also includes a removable filter to clean the dirt away and tourmaline ceramic technology to keep the frizz out of your hair!

So if you’re looking for a round brush to explore new hairstyles, you wouldn’t regret this at all!


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Tangle-free styling
  • Volumizing
  • Two-in-one with drying and styling


  • Not ideal for fine and thin hair types

Make It Amazing With Hot Air Brushes

A hot curling brush is exactly what it’s named for. Also called a hot air brush, this styling tool is an electric brush that heats up and curls your hair.

The hot air brush basically blows hot hair through its barrel to curl your hair and style it as you please.

Currently, the market for curling brushes has a wide selection of product variations and offerings, with some even giving the ability to function like a blow dryer, too!



Why Use a Hot Air Brush For Short Hair?

A hot air brush is on top of the list of hair styling tools to have, especially if you have short hair.

We are well aware that short tresses dry quickly after hitting the shower, but without the use of curling irons blowing hot air to your hair, they might look like a mess.

Using hot air wands also makes sure your hair shines and raises in volume, giving it that healthy hair look that you’ve always wanted!

Add more life to your hair and start getting creative with new hairstyles!

We promise the results of these hair styling products are worth it.

Curling Brush vs. Curling Iron

In the world of hair and beauty, curls are definitely there and won’t go out of style.

It’s such a classic look that can be achieved thanks to modern hair styling tools, but you might be confused by the two items that stylists often recommend to achieve the perfect result.

The curling brush and curling iron are two well-known products, but the thing is, they basically work the same way but with a slightly major difference.

  • Essentially, the curling brush has bristles for better control in styling and detangling, so it is generally more ideal for any hair type! However, this tool doesn’t have a clamp to hold your hair in place.
  • Curling irons may seem like the most familiar as they are great for defining curls that last all day and night, but can be a bit troublesome to use sometimes, especially without the right heat distribution.

Each one has its own pros and cons, but both are truly effective!

Though if you’d prefer a shiny look and tangle-free result, we highly recommend any of the curling brushes we mentioned in our list of best hot air brushes!

What Are the Things to Consider?

The hot air brush market can be overwhelming with a multitude of products in the market!

In order to maximize your hot air brush investment, especially for short hair, we made a list of things to consider!

Barrel Size

For people with short hair, this matters a lot in your quest for the best hot air brush for you.

Always look for the right size that is enough to provide you with a great grip and control in styling your hair.

A good rule of thumb to follow for barrel sizing is 1 or 1.5 inches in width at most, or else your hair might not fit too well around the barrel.

Take note that not using the right barrel size, ideal heat settings, and exposure beyond the recommended time may damage your hair! That is a terrible scenario and the result can be FRUSTRATINGLY UGLY.

Size, Weight, and Ease Of Use

When it comes to size and weight, you just need to find the right mix of function and form that’s right for you.

Using a hot air brush with the right size and weight will definitely work wonders and make things easier for you to achieve a good result.

Also, consider getting the right tool and features for your needs!

There will be hair brushes that require either dry or damp hair, so it’s best to be mindful.


When looking for the right hot air brush for short hair, make sure it features the right bristle for your hair type!

Try to pick a hot air brush that has nylon bristles, as these are more durable.

They also vary in lengths, so it is best to choose the right one for your type of hair to get the result you desire.


If we’re talking about a special tool like a hot air brush, of course quality matters to get the result you want!

The material of your barrel and bristles, especially, is something you should always look out for.

Consider getting one with a high-quality barrel, such as ceramic and aluminum, and strong bristles made of nylon.



While styling short hair can be a real challenge for some,  know that having a curling brush can definitely help you out to get the result you want!

With function, price, and flexibility in mind, the John Frieda Salon Shape takes the top spot.

It stands out above all else as the clear winner to style your hair with luscious curls because of the ease and practicality it brings for your tresses.

We hope you enjoyed our list of recommendations for hot air brushes for short hair, and that you finally achieve the best result for you!

Let’s go all-in for our short hair beauty goals!

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