January 29, 2020

GIRL TALK with the #Bloggerbesties

Sunday means another video! Yaaaas! I hope everyone had a good week. I’ve been feeling really energized lately. Maybe it’s the magic of being in the second trimester or maybe I’m starting to get used to this #Preggylife already? I love that I’m able to film more now and share this journey with all of you!

In today’s video, the #BloggerBesties have reunited again! I decided to make the most of their trip by filming this chill video asking them some questions about our friendship, love lives and even outfit choices then (when we were at our 20s) vs. now (entering the 30s). Think of this as a slumber party session where we wear our matching pajamas and girl talk over a glass of wine (or a warm cup of tea for sleepy titas out there!)

We really had a fun time filming this video for you and I hope everyone learns a thing or two from all our insights! Enjoy!

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  1. I enjoyed it so much. It’s so delightful having watched and followed the #BloggerBesties maturing through the years yet still having a good time.

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