March 25, 2020

Going to Slater’s Office + Yi Fang Cebu Grand Opening!

I know it’s not my usual #Kryzmas vlog but better late than never! The past few weeks have been crazy for me, I just surpassed my first trimester and I still feel the nausea once in a while so please bear with me! #Preggo probs aside, I’m taking all of you to what I usually do on Fridays. I usually go with Slater to his office and help him with some important stuff #Wifeyduties 😉 – this time, we’re touring you around the Liteblock showroom where all the magic (partly) happens !

ALSO, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is finally open in Cebu and we’re so thankful for everyone who came to the opening last week at the new Ayala Mall Central Bloc, IT Park!

With that said, I hope you’ll enjoy this one!

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  1. I’m so stucked na jud sa imo youtube channel maam ☺ nalingaw jud ko all day everyday galantaw. Thank you. Praying for your healthy pregnancy po. God bless you po.

  2. I hope the brown sugar pearls milk chuchu will be anytime available. I really love it the pearls it is so soft no need to chew. I tried it twice na. I bought it before I go to office night shift.

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