May 30, 2021

GRWM, Slater’s Bday Gift for Scottie

For some reason, today’s RAW vlog has easily become one of my favorites. There’s something about it that really captures the vibe of our daily life here at home. 

We start with a little Get Ready With Me- and my my, I miss talking to you guys like this. Who wants more sit down videos???

Products used:

1. Balancing Toner

2. Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream

3. Vitamin E Calming Light Cream

4. Vitamin B5 Moisturizing Ampoule

5. Vitamin E Calming Ampoule

Shopee store

Thank you to #COMMONLABS #COMMONLABS_PH for the #VitaminSkincare and for sponsoring this part of the video!

Scottie is also a lot more playful and interactive these days. You’ll see how he has developed a relationship with Skysky bear all on his own, and how they play together. It really warms my heart!

And lastly, daddy Slater surprised Scottie with his birthday gift. Will Scottie like it? Watch to find out!

Watch the video here:

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